Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to care oily skin?

Oily skin is not something we are overly happy, as it is prone to inflammation, acne and pimples.What is a positive thing in this whole story is the fact that the guarantee for the late appearance of wrinkles. 

This type of skin requires special care and procedures that can reduce excessive working of the sebaceous glands. Excessive fat and sebum secretion of the sebaceous glands, creating a good foundation for the attack of bacteria and inflammation of the skin. The first task in the care of oily skin is to reduce the excessive secretion of sebum, which can be achieved by using cosmetic products based on water. 

Unfortunately, the warm weather ahead of us is not favorable for oily skin that is due to sweat even more shine. Excessive shine and grease can remove a tissue. 

For oily products are desirably water-based, oil-free. These products will hydrate your skin and will not give her unwanted oily shine. 

People who have oily skin should avoid products with alcohol. Alcohol dries the skin, thus creating an additional incentive for the production of sebum. When alcohol remove the natural protective layer, then it saves and increased secreted fat. This results in a shine that does not want to. 

The skin must be cleaned properly, but you need to pay attention to the products you choose.Excessive and harsh cleaners will also remove natural oils, which is undesirable if you have oily skin. 

Additional advice for people with oily skin is to adjust your diet and avoid excessive exposure to sunlight.

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