Monday, December 9, 2013

Everyday mistakes that destroy your hair

The hair is beautiful decoration and must daily keep and cherish. How many times a day automatically make moves that damage your hair? 

If you want beautiful hair you must avoid too often hair coloring, lightening the hair at home, rough and irregular combing, solid rubber and a ponytail.

The following are things to recommend professionals. These are things that should not be doing that!

1 The ponytail is the enemy of your hair. Although it seems attractive, do not often tie, especially not in the same place. Stretching hair too hard leads to its rupture.

2 Rough and irregular combing harm your beloved hair. In particular, it is not recommended combing wet hair, as wet hair is easier to shoot. Regular combing gently improves circulation to the scalp which gives hair extra food and oxygen, and your hair will shine a healthy glow.

3 Often coloring hair damage peaks and drying out. Brightening at home usually results in errors when instead of lovely bright clumps get that awful orange color. New nonsense follows, when alone try to correct a mistake with another layer of paint. The end result is sadness, because your hair instead of gorgeous blond wig looks like a desperate straw that will take several months to reinstate.
Never give perm on dyed blonde hair, will be followed by a disaster on your smart head!

4 Too strong rubber bands are the enemies of your hair , especially those with metal parts in that tangled hair. Use a rubber band or strip of soft cloth. Wide strips of hair also cause damage to the hair.

Give your hair enough time and patience, and it will render a beautiful glow to many passers-by and those who are willing to stay forever in your life every day to leave you breathless.

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