Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Make a plan for your beauty

Every woman wants to be beautiful. Given the fast pace of life, very often we lack the time to make our ideas and wishes into reality. Below are some tips for planning your own beauty.

All you need is to be consistent.

The face is your trademark. Unfortunately we do not all perfect happiness to us with a perfect complexion. Some things can still be improved. Another dark side of the story is that skin cancer is an alarming rise. Therefore, go to an appointment with a dermatologist. A dermatological examination per year should be your routine habits. A dermatologist will thoroughly examine your skin, especially those places that are not paying enough attention.

Find the right foundation and face powder
With a beautiful and natural make-up is extremely important proper selection of powders and the substrate face. Powder and foundation to try on the jaw line and neck. If you choose the right color, then the transition line is not visible, it will merge with the skin. The substrate and powder always try to daylight.

Makeup must have good lighting
The best choice for a perfect make-up are two lamps on the side mirrors, and in the same plane.Bulb above the head will make the shadows and dark circles. Do not make up neon lights.

Please let me recognize by smell
The smell should be your trademark. Maybe it's just now time to try something new. First try classic and never underestimate them. Do not rush to purchase perfume, you have plenty of time.

Nail polish is a very important detail
It's time to put a little courage in your life. Today is the right time for the Vedas colored nail polish. Beautiful and manicured hands say a lot about you. Women with dark complexion correspond to dark violet nail polish. With a medium dark complexion best red nail polish.

Take time for your hair
Hair is your most valuable gem. Justgive her enough time. You do not need to wash it often. Blow drying damages hair. Occasionally use a dry shampoo. If you have the ability to obtain ionic hair dryer because you make less  damages on your hair. Once a week, treat yourself to a serum or hair mask and let it be your ritual. Massage your scalp for massage improves circulation, restores shine to your hair and  accelerating growth.

Throw away old cosmetics
Today is the time to clean your neseser. If you use a product you have not used for several months, then you should throw it away.

Select a magical ornaments for your hair

Most long-haired women usually combines three hairstyles: Put hair in a bun and raised in a ponytail. If you have long hair, then you can let your imagination run wild. Take advantage of long hair and change their own style. Fasten your ponytail with a rubber band with beads, sequins and even feathers, use circons (or decorative bobby pin) for a bun, or enhance any hairstyle interesting barrettes or headband. Use hot rollers curlers In less locks that curl around the face, and larger ones use to curl long components, as well as those at the back. At least use curlers to curl the shortest strands. Wait twenty minutes for the rollers to cool and then remove them.

Skin care is the most important

You must have  patience.  Repair skin only persistent effort. Long-term results are not created overnight, and changing products too often causes irritation and inflammation of the skin.The use of new products, changing the process of creation of elastin and collagen, which may even have a negative effect on the skin condition. Redness, swelling and irritation are also common reactions to new medicines (mode), and may indicate the improper use of a product or an allergy.If this happens, immediately stop using the product and consult a dermatologist. 

For a long-lasting result:
Regimen against acne - is administered by six weeks to three months.
Mode brightening skin - is conducted by six to twelve months.
Anti-aging regime - apply it every three months. 

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