Thursday, October 17, 2013

What color hair is the best for you?

Today is the day when you want to create a new change in their hair. Bored your old, classic hairstyles and finally want radical change. You want to change the color of your hair and putting a question which color is right for me?

The answer is simple, the one you like best. However, the correct choice of hair color is not so easy, because you have to think about the color of your skin tone, your eye makeup and clothes you wear.

When your hair is an appropriate color, just look younger, prettier and happier. The hair is shiny and bouncy, and your mood is better. The fact is that they themselves can choose the color, but sometimes it is a matter best left to a good hairdresser. The advantage of leaving the hairdresser, is that they are often used for painting various shades and highlights always amaze freshness.

Blondes are definitely attractive, brunettes are more serious and they can trust. Red-haired women like to be in the spotlight.
Ask yourself the question with which color would you feel best?

1 Want to become a brunette
If you want your hair to a warm brown color, then you must know that hair color must adjust skin tone. If you have pale skin, do not choose dark brown tones, because you will look washed out and sickly.
The advantage of brown wide choice range of make-up. The majority of shades paired with brown hair, and the likelihood that you will not go wrong. Brilliant shades are the best choice. With blush do not overdo it. Well you will stand a little bit of brown or pink blush. When it comes to choice range rose opt for shades of red.

2 Dreaming of red hair
If you go to a serious meeting or job interview, tie your hair in a ponytail, hallo effect of red hair that seems a bit silly. For evening let your hair, wavy and wild red hair is a magnet for men. As for makeup, certainly do not use too much make-up, or combine several colors. For you created black pen and brown shadows. Blush you need to avoid.
3 Want long, shiny blond hair

Blue is best for women who have fair skin and light eyes. Blonde hair is the most difficult to maintain, because with Hamor constantly refreshed, because the peaks very often look dry and broken, which gives a cheap look. Advantage blue is that you can choose from a large color hues, so choose one that fits you best. Sometimes I listen to expert advice hairdressers. When choosing makeup you can use shadows of all colors. Emphasize your eyes with black eyeliner or pencil to a draw edge with lashes. Blush use as desired. Lipstick indulge your choice range, as many shades fit you well. You have to look only at the contrast between the hair and eyebrows.

4 Snow White had beautiful black hair
Black hair looks good only for people who have a dark complexion, or it is their natural hair color.When do not use make-up dark shadows, as you seem closed. Combine cheerful colors. Play with green pen. Blush apply a broad brush in a small amount. Choose brown shades of blush, pink acts as unnatural. Rouge can choose their own, many shades of you are doing well, but gentle tones are definitely a good choice.

Wondering which tone suits you best, blue or gold? To reply wrap blue or orange scarf around his face. If you prefer to select ashy blue. If your choice is an orange scarf, then select golds.

Painting is fun. Never forget the fact that hair grows and that life is just one. Change the look and brings a new wave of positive sentiment in your life. Comfortable and enjoy! 

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