Sunday, August 4, 2013

How many cosmetic companies lying to us?

With television screens and billboards us often attack ads that say that just buying this or that shampoo, soap or cream solves all of our problems in life, makes us younger and happier. Is that so? 

Experts warn that such commercial messages fact, not only beautify, but also to potential customers openly lying. "These are purely marketing gimmicks. Let the hair quality can affect the exclusive means by which it is treated but lifestyle, diet, and genetic predisposition. These commercials are the only tricks, "says Deutsche Welle Milovan Stojiljkovic from the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry at the Institute Vinca. 

Smiling girl with us Advertising redundant report that they received the volume of hair immediately after just one wash. The myth is quickly falling into the water and knows that everyone has at least once washed my hair this pompous  shampoos. "We laugh at these commercials. You can not wash your hair and get volume like you're out of a hair salon where you spent an hour under the hood and brush, "tells us Daniel Milosevic from Belgrade's beauty salon" Beauty House ". 

Creams that erase the 

Another big misconception that cosmetic manufacturers want to sell as truth is the so-called anti-aging effect or skin rejuvenation, wrinkles on the forehead and bags under the eyes all the way to the little toe. "All the treatments that are applied to the skin effect current and short. These products must be used for a long time and every day to maybe see some improvement. What really does the job is much more aggressive laser and chemical peels. Or very popular Botox injections and hyaluronic acid in combination with creams enriched with hyaluronic acid, "says Daniel professional beautician. 

Cream of the advertisements are reportedly enriched with honey, milk, yogurt, almonds, wheat, aloe, algae and many other mellifluous natural ingredients. However, one of the biggest problems that we're seeing in controlling the composition of the incorrect description of the product, called specifications, warns Dr. Stojiljkovic. "Compounds which does have some plants with today's technology can be relatively easy to synthesize. Surely no one takes the natural products and extracts from them the necessary ingredients, "said Stojiljkovic, adding that the real composition of cosmetic products are often written in the smallest possible letters that most customers do not watch. 

Having known for marketing gimmicks, Stojiljkovic as a customer, says, lead and cost - and what does not choose the most expensive. And that is really the best and there is no need for advertising because, he says Danijela Milosevic, reserved only for extremely deep pockets."These are proven cosmetics such as Šisoido, Kanebo or clinic in which we have hardly - except Saner makers from France, Italy or Germany. This, with brands such as Chanel and Christian Dior, buying actresses, entertainers and women who are in a position to afford such a thing. It costs a lot - if someone is willing to pay for a face cream 100 or 200 euros, may have nourished skin. " 

Research the companies that pay 

The question is how cosmetic manufacturers you can before millions of audience and the laws of many countries to mislead potential buyers. That's what recently wrote to the magazine Die Zeit visen who said that big companies funded "scientific" research in which their products are typically prove to be the best and then frantically call for this research. "Large companies have the resources for such research that they are in favor of it confirms the quality of their product - whatever it is that quality. Another question is whether they really put those components that you are promoting. Recently I saw a commercial in which the buyers enhances the effects of up to 86 percent. So something is completely impossible to measure, "says Dr. Stojiljkovic interview with Deutsche Welle. 

Author: Nemanja Rujević 
Ans. Editor: Željko Savić Basic 
Source: Deutsche Welle

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