Saturday, July 27, 2013

What jeans say about you?

Crumpled denim: Not just for teens
A woman who wears wrinkled jeans actually a very exciting and wild side.
Tip: It should not be worn every day and every occasion. When you go to a ceremony, or wedding reception, preferring to leave them at home. But when you go out with her friends will look great with krpunim jewelry and interesting gun.

Male cut: Unsurpassed comfort
This cut even after a couple of seasons goes out of fashion. Elected by the ladies who prefer a relaxed style and are always ready for action.
Tip: Although this model with wide legs and looking like they were borrowed from a boyfriend, wear them with just your typical feminine details and you will look great.

White jeans: New Rules
Ladies who wear white jeans during the year, not just summer violate the basic fashion rules. It is considered to have no taste.
Tip: To look appropriate for the season in which you carry this model, add some typical autumn accessory, sash, brooch with leaves, an interesting cardigan.

Low Waist: School Style
Shallow jeans worn by women who like a little rustic look. Best stand tall ladies, because the length of the legs out this model.
Tip: This model wear tight shirt and waist will be perfectly sharp.

Tight jeans: For those who go to the gym
Entrainment in tight jeans, it means only one thing - to enjoy showing my body. This cut of the message that you want male attention.
Tip: Only if you have a perfectly shaped legs and buttocks should choose this model. Even if you cover the critical points of the long T-shirts, you can be in a position to give you a little "boil over" on the side - it looks very ugly.

Maternal cut: unforgivable sin
They have an elastic waist instead, broad, frayed trousers ... They are worn by mostly middle-aged ladies who have kept the maternity clothes and inserted latex belt, and since I can still train them, and feel they need to wear them.
Tip: Do not store maternity clothing, discard it and buy yourself a new pair of jeans.

Colorful jeans: Outside the boundaries of the expected
Stained jeans says that you are a person who likes to experiment, but to avoid a fashion disaster, with them wear clothes to match the color scheme.
Tip: Since the colored jeans draw attention to the upper part of the dial kept patterns and neutral tones. 

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