Saturday, July 27, 2013

Small secrets for a youthful look

There is hardly a man or a woman over 25, which is not at least a little comfortable when they're told to act younger than their actual years. Satisfaction increases with age, and even women who look not at the level they want to know the little secrets of maintaining a healthy, fresh and youthful appearance.

If wrinkles are not something that you care, because you see yourself as a happy person who loves his age and life experience, you know that wrinkles are not just a matter of aesthetics, but also a sign that your skin loses moisture and elasticity. Dry skin often tingles and tightens, so that every woman (and man) should be designed to facilitate the skin with a little water and cosmetics. Whatever the motive, it is good to work on healthy skin.

Moisturizing is the most important factor.

One of the easiest ways to preserve moisture of the skin is to use a lotion for the face, which does not have to be overly expensive - select a favorable, well-known companies from a broad market-oriented. Lotion improves circulation and full of fine facial lines, and so skin appears firmer. A moisturizer should be an appointment, even if you have oily skin (use a cream with no oil).

It is important to find the right cream for your face, and use patterns that are relatively common share for promotional purposes. When the skin of the hands, legs or feet are cracked, and operates over naboranije, so do not forget these places regularly smear cream.

Do not expose to excessive sunlight or tanning

Swarthy complexion looks attractive, but the sun dries out the skin, which therefore look older. Be temperate therefore in every respect - no need to shy away from any sunlight, but not "fry" for hours on the beach. We know that sun exposure drastically brings much more than pine, but many vacationers forget the danger of skin cancer.

Drink lots of water

I do not have to be a university professor to know this information, but he is wrong again, because a lot of practice and forgetting important than personal well-being. Water is the best friend, not only the skin but also health in general. Younger cells contain more water, but the reverse is true: the older skin, which gets more water inside and out, it will look "plumper" and thus healthier and younger.

Do not leave the house without any makeup

A little liquid foundation, blush and lipstick or lip gloss that can be applied for 2-3 minutes, will give the illusion njegovanije, brighter, more beautiful and healthier person. Particularly useful are the so-called.bronzers - apply a small amount between your fingers and 20 seconds covering the unsightly dark circles and dots that you know welcome the morning. Do not go overboard with hues - may be slightly darker than your natural skin tone. Day cream or liquid foundation for face should contain a means of protection from UV rays.

Too much makeup will make sure not rejuvenate, but not negligible, the fact that "nafarbane dolls of all colors," long out of favor. Thick lines of showers and pens are now eligible for certain styles that look good on young girls, while women of middle and late years much more used to draw the motto - less is more, both in terms of quantity and in terms of moderation in colors.

Do not skip the cream around the eyes because the skin with gentle eyes first shows of the year. These creams are reasonably in small bottles, so do not go overboard with the amount. Index finger or ring finger gently massage the cream so that the skin is slightly shiny, not to act as if covered with greasy film.

Hairstyle is an important aesthetic factor

If the hair is messy, greasy, or the old-fashioned hairstyle, all other interventions can be difficult to cover such deficiency. Many women are enslaved for years the same type of hair, with only small changes to adjust to fashion.

Hair growing fast, so there's no reason that times do not change anything. Consult with an experienced stylist, these usually know what hairstyle will suit the type of the person and the quality of the hair.

Do not forget your neck - like the eyes, the neck chambers, including the mighty face-liftinzi Fame, when you look closely, you can completely hide the. Neck should be an integral part of his face.

A smile is beautiful only if it is followed by healthy teeth and gums, which primarily means that all the teeth have to be properly repaired. Over the years, fillings discolor, yellow stains on my front teeth is not nice to see. Change the seals that appear at first glance - all paid by the compulsory health insurance. The trend of teeth whitening brought the media, but one should be careful: not all methods of teeth whitening safe, especially in private.

Also, unnaturally white teeth what we see on the commercials for the "magic" bleach look grotesque. We argue that the natural shade of teeth is best for most people, and if you are an inveterate smoker or your teeth for any reason visibly yellowed, first of all making sure to leave a cigarette or solve other cause discoloration. If you decide to bleach, leave it to the professionals. 

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