Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tips for beautiful skin

Healthy and beautiful skin is necessary daily cleaning - thorough and gentle. It's not a problem if do cleaning that is appropriate for your skin type. Otherwise, you will irritate your skin, cause redness and pimples.

Cleaning oily skin
For oily skin creams are ideal for cleaning foam structure. A good option to have antibacterial gels for skin cleansing. Never use a soap because it will affect a number of pimples. If you often have problems with blackheads and pimples use a facial cleansing products that are part of the so-called sydnets, but make sure that the product is also pH neutral.

Cleansing sensitive skin
Sensitive skin products are gentle need - choose cleansing milk or gel containing ingredients that calm the skin, such as thermal springs or white tea. And preferably odorless. Often, sensitive skin reacts to the water with which to wash our faces. Therefore, its clean finish lotion without alcohol. A good alternative - Thermal Spray.

Cleaning mature skin
Mature skin needs extra care during cleaning. Choose rich creams that have the effect of smoothing.Choose creams that contain protein and are an excellent selection of food products that contain soy.

Cleansing combination skin
The problem for combination skin is that you in different parts of the face require different products. But financially it is difficult to purchase a number of different lines. Therefore, choose products that will nourish sensitive parts of the face, but not oily. Clean the skin pH neutral lotion. To prevent blackheads and pimples on problem areas such as the nose, chin and forehead, in these parts use a toner for skin problems.But do not apply to the cheeks and neck. Great to use mask for oily skin that apply only to so-called T zone.

Cleaning Dry Skin
Use cleansing milk and cream that creamy texture. They will give your face a fatty lipids. Free products can be oil-based. Tonic must be alcohol-free.

Additional tips for proper cleansing
Keep in mind that improper cleansing causes stress to your skin. I do not overdo it because it will irritate the skin, which leads to pimples, redness, peeling, and the damage to our eyelashes.

Your face is peeling required. Depending on your skin type, and select the product. When dry skin is enough to peel once a week, while for oily skin you will be making to do two to three times a week.

Be careful when removing makeup. Often overly rub in all possible directions. Be gentle because they damage the eyelashes and irritate sensitive skin. In sensitive eyes may not use products that contain oil.This is especially important for people who wear contact lenses. 

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