Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tips for Beautiful Skin

Sleep is better erasers years, fatigue, worries that the outline on your face. We encourage you what else you can do at night before going to bed and to have an enviable and radiant complexion.  every night before bedtime izdvojte 15 minutes for facial care. The skin will thank you, and the difference will be noticeable quickly

- Hormonal changes affect the larger blood circulation. Even when you are resting, your skin does. Only in a dream cells rapidly regenerate. Eight times faster - hard Melvin Elson, professor of dermatology at Vanderbilt School of care. To dream of a better treatment of your beauty, rather than be tucked in bed make a few more things for himself: 

PURITY  wash is important for two reasons: removes surface impurities and enhances night cream that works better. When evening removing makeup, oil and tonic just clogged pores, and creams do not penetrate properly.  And anti-age better treatments act on clean skin. Dry clean oily skin cream, problematic skin creams rich oils or gel formulations.  If your skin is sensitive, wait for 10 minutes after cleaning, and then Apply Wrinkle Proof cream. rejuvenate SE Retinol  Retinol is an essential vitamin in fighting for years. However, exposure to sunlight and daylight deactivates its beneficial effect. So use it mostly at night. delete dark circles  Choose creams with vitamin K. The women who used the cream for dark circles with vitamin K and retinol every night after 12 weeks had less black marks under your eyes for 33 percent. 

MEGA HYDRATION  During the night your skin is essential additional hydration, because the body does not reimburse the liquid it needs. To achieve the best results, choose a cream with hijarulon acid and glycerine. The skin will have the necessary moisture and wrinkles will be less seen in the morning. Cheats for "therapeutic" sleep. Sleep on your back, because if you sleep on your stomach or side in the morning you will have lines on the face that may become permanent. Use satin sheets - you will not have problems with the lines on your face, and if under the head place a few small pillows not swollen eyes when you wake up. To make your dream had a beneficial effect on the skin Avoid caffeine at least three hours before bedtime, do not drink alcohol, do not have a night meals and temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 18 degrees.

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