Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sun, sea and beautiful hair

Sun, sea and chlorine damage your hair, which can make you look older. But if you follow simple tips to care and protect the hair, the summer will be cared for, bright and youthful.
Rain, wind, sea and chlorinated water, it's damaging to your hair. The structure of hair is also badly affected by different treatments to change the color or shape of the hair, but it is the most damaging negative sunlight.

That's why you need during flight preparations containing SPF, because the hair under the influence of UV rays can become dry, brittle ends at blossoming, lose color, luster and strength, and therefore are more difficult to shape and comb. However, hair damage caused by UV rays represent only an aesthetic problem, so they are not a threat to health, which is the case if there is damage to the skin. Therefore, to protect hair from the sun until recently significance was explained MSc. pH. Suzana Miljkovic, a specialist in cosmetology, in "Sunbathing, yes or no" label "pen."

10 Care Tips

1 Treat your hair as you would your favorite, expensive cashmere sweater.
2 Protect the preparations with UV filter whenever the skin with protective lotions.
3 Do not save! The more preparation apply will be secure.
4 For maximum protection preparations in spray first apply to the hands, and then gently rub it on your hair.
5 Do not forget that besides sunscreen, hats and scarves ideal protection from the sun.
6 Avoid blow-drying, hot curlers, curling iron press and it will further dry out. Allow to dry naturally.
7 While swimming, protect it from the sun, salt and chlorine in swimming cap.
8 Walk out of the sea or the pool, rinse it in the shower.
9 Before and after the summer dry trim, split ends.
10th Color refresh after returning from vacation color shampoo, herbal paint or paint without ammonia.

Oily HAIR CARE NEEDS In the dry areas, the sun rays also stimulate increased sebum production, which makes the hair faster and more fat in the bud. To mitigate this effect, do not often comb the hair or run your finger through it. In addition, use a shampoo for oily hair, apply conditioner only on the ends, never the root. Rinse your hair with cold, not hot water, and the dry, avoid hair roots approach.

SAVE SHINE treated hair
Dyed hair is more susceptible to damage caused by the sun's rays as it is to some extent already been drained. In addition, the sun hair color fade. To maintain the shine and healthy look of your hair during the summer be sure to use shampoos and balms for color-treated hair that are formulated to preserve and enhance the intensity of the color. After returning from the sea, if you notice that your hair color still faded, we advise you to refresh color shampoo, herbal paint or hair color without ammonia, after which make your hair look shiny.

PROTECT DRY HAIR salt and chlorine
Seawater further dry out the hair, so it is important that after leaving the sea or the pool must rinse. A simpler solution is to wear a swimming cap that will protect your hair from the sun and salt or chlorine.
Distinctly blue or shaded hair usually turns green after swimming in the pool because the water in which there is too much chlorine. In this case, using a simple trick. Apply ketchup on your hair, keep 15 to 20 minutes, rinse with warm water and then wash it off with shampoo. Ketchup will neutralize the green. 

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