Saturday, June 8, 2013

Preparing the skin for summer

Spring is right here and now, to align with him and his own energy, regeneration, health, vitality, freshness and of course beauty. To restore skin radiance and freshness needed her full and adequate care. Treatments to smooth skin  to make leather taking enough oxygen is essential that you have good circulation, which is often slowed down during the winter. In addition, the body shows signs of easier atrophy, caused by lack of physical activity. In beauty salons for all of these problems are recommended various types of massage. One of the most effective massage that works through clothes with quick massager, and takes 10-15 minutes.

 Cellulite deposits are easily removed with efficient technical assistance and quality products with active substances, which has a well-equipped shop.  Piling whole body  scrub body helps the skin to accept all the benefits of a treatment. It is the hand massage, exfoliating cream that removes oro┼żale cells,  with massage cream or equivalent combination of aromatherapy. Peeling the skin to make it smooth, with clean, fragrant and appearance.  treatment for toning muscles  These treatments are beneficial in mild forms of muscle strain, incurred due to irregular and prolonged sitting or lying in one position. Manifested as pain, numbness or muscle laxity after winter. Tightening or stretching the muscle is achieved electro stimulation treatments. The special effect is obtained in the leg and arm muscles. This treatment gives excellent results if it is combined with hand massage. Nega at home  * Scrub body - you can do it with two hands bran or loofah rukavicvom to which you previously placed coarse sugar crystals. Bran or sugar rub the skin of the whole body, and then take a shower and apply the cream or milk for the body.  * Bath - make them according to skin type. For oily skin alone is sufficient foam bath. If the skin has a strong and unpleasant smell of sweat, the bathing water pour a glass of apple vinegar, or just rinse the body of a bottle of water in which it is dissolved tablespoons of vinegar. Vinegar smell quickly izvetri and the skin becomes velvety, odorless. If you have dry skin, add a bath oil or a gallon of milk.  * Swollen feet - Soak at least twenty minutes in a bowl of warm water to which you add a handful of salt and baking soda. Then they take a shower alternating hot and cold water, and then lie down on your back and lift them up. Repeat this process until you have a slender ankle. And for the time strictly limit the amount of salt in food, because so binds water that causes the islands.  * Cellulite - massage daily cellulite cream while the skin is not warm up and blushed. After the massage your feet, you can twist the foil and thus keep them half an hour. In addition, be sure to drink plenty of water and move around as much as possible in the fresh air

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