Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Perfect hair on the beach

The sun, salt and wind are not pleasant for your hair. Therefore, if the year make sure your hairstyle, make sure your hair during the summer.

- First, if you care about your hair, you can buy products that contain UV protection that are now available.They protect your hair from drying out and from negative energy.

Painted or not

When we talk about protecting hair from sun, chlorine and sea salt, almost the same story applies to painted and non painted women. However, dyed hair has strands that are more open and hair dries faster, so proper care is essential.

- Women who have a blue color-treated hair and they know that the pool is very tricky, because chlorine can pull tufts of green, because immediately after swimming in the pool need to wash your hair - says Dobričić and added:

As we have already noted, the funds that protect hair from UV rays are the best if you do not have them handy on your hair, you can always put a regular conditioner. All that matters is that your hair while the sun is always covered with a scarf.

What to do at the beach

Before swimming in the pool or the sea, it would be good to wet your hair with fresh, rather plain water, as this will provide the best protection. When the hair is dampened with plain water, does not absorb too much sea salt or chlorine. After the bath must rinse.

The sun should not go out with wet hair, as wet hair is much more susceptible to drying out, which later leads to rupture.

After the beach

When you arrive at the hotel or apartment, it is best to use a specialized "after sun" medicines because they contain extra protection from the sun. A shampoo with "after sun" label gently clean the hair effectively removes residues of plant protection from the sun, chlorine and sea water.

If you want, you can create a mask. You will need: two egg yolks, two tablespoons of honey, half a teaspoon of olive oil. All mix well and apply to damp hair. The mask can keep your head from ten minutes to a maximum of four hours. Finally rinse with lukewarm water.

After hair has

When you get to the holidays, it would be best if you could afford a complete treatment for hair strands to feed them. In a week, plan a visit to the hairdresser to be able to get rid of chapped areas. Then there is a re-paint, because paint on the sea washes quickly. And you're ready for a new working day.

Care for each type

Wavy hair
People with wavy hair probably every summer respite because this season when their hair looks the best.Humidity strengthens the tendency to frizz and adds the right amount of volume, making waves in your hair beautiful. This type of hair it is important to apply the conditioner to the entire length. After washing, hair cream will make gently undulating form, but it is important that when you go through the drying thin hair combs is because that way you separate the government, and would later be almost impossible to make a nice haircut.

Straight hair
The biggest problem straight hair is that flies spread and electrifies and becomes lukewarm, no lines.
Wash your hair with shampoo intended for smoothing hair conditioner but cautiously. Avoid creams and weight can be achieved with wax if you want sharp edges, or with foam if you aim volume look.

Curly Hair
The heat and humidity will enhance the look of curly hair, but it is also to do too arbitrary.
To maintain a natural look curls, on damp hair after washing, apply a cream or gel. On the beach, which presumably do not have a product designed for hair care, apply on hair ends a little suntan oil. It will restore the moisture. 

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