Saturday, June 8, 2013

How to hide traces of aging?

The truth is that the aging of the skin can slow the modern cosmetics, but wrinkles and elasticity changes can not be completely prevented. Good and proper tending can reduce the visible signs of age. Before you start with skin care needs to determine skin type, because it will depend on the range of products it. When did you get the right products to the skin every day to clean the skin twice a tonirati, moisturize and protect you. Once or twice a week using a scrub to remove dead cells and do additional skin treatment, visit beauticians. Alcohol, cigarettes, insufficient physical activity, exposure to cold wind, stress, sun and a lack of sleep causes further premature aging. Most dermatologists prohibits sun because the sun is to blame for 80-90% of accelerated aging of the skin, so it is very important to always buy products Uvas and UVB protection.

Do not always protect the face, because in addition to the face hands, neck and cleavage sites by which to recognize your age, even those parts need constant protection from the sun, especially the hands, as they are most vulnerable. Forget alcohol and smoking and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Perfect skin care supplement if you diet rich in fruit and vegetables, rich in vitamin C, which helps in the formation of collagen, omega - 3 fatty acids, which improve skin texture hydrating from the inside, and vitamin E, which protects cells from free radicals. In turn food and more protein and Minimize fried foods. 

20 +  age of twenty you have no wrinkles, your skin is smooth, shiny, and some aknica rest of the changes from the early days. The skin is smooth and well-nourished. Cells are updated every 28 days. Acne can be a problem in your twenties, and if so it is important to devote much attention to skin cleansing. Do not use teenage preparations to combat acne, because such products are drying. Normal skin is essentially clean mild lotions or gels and dry creamy lotion. Choose milk cleanser suitable for your skin type, and no soap or alcohol-free tonic. Nega skin - you should start using creams to prevent wrinkling. Start using a gel or cream to prevent first signs of aging. It takes the hydration skin, which is very important, start early in the 20s, especially the middle, because then your skin retains less moisture. Choose a moisturizer with antioxidants to keep skin moist and at the same time to fight the free radicals that destroy collagen. Day Care requires the use of a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or 20th At night, the face should cultivate a rich moisturizing product derivatives of vitamin A, which stimulates the skin. Once or twice a week, put on a face mask out of clay with tranquilizers chamomile or aloe. You do not need products that promise you radiant skin, because at that age you actually have enough natural splendor. Good care of your skin in your twenties will have visible results in subsequent years. As soon as you notice any signs of aging instantly start using more products.  And remember that proper skin care in their twenties best investment that will pay off later. 

30 +  in his thirties, you might notice a significant change in the skin, the color will be uneven, wrinkles on the forehead will become more visible, it will appear fine lines around the eyes and lips, the epidermis will become dry, because the sebaceous glands secrete less fat, and will be easier to clean the skin. Your skin will be more sensitive and will appear in patches. Nega skin - facial cleansers in the morning using a lotion with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that contribute to the removal of dead skin cells, and in the evening face with a creamy cleanser. To prevent wrinkles and loss of collagen is necessary to start using more intensive cosmetic products with multiple active ingredients in the form of serum labeled anti agening. Try products containing collagen peptides such as copper peptides and Matrixyl. Daily moisturizer should contain antioxidants such as green tea, vitamin C and pomegranate for a successful fight against free radicals. Night will be most effective creams and serums with retinol. Daily use cream for the eye area. To reduce the redness of the skin, which emerges from the thirties, avoid products that contain alcohol, menthol and eucalyptus oil. Always use a moisturizer with SPF protection (15 or 20), especially around the eye area and it is important to wear and good sunglasses. Drink more water, 2 to 2.5 l per day, to provided a more moisture your skin. vitamin C is an antioxidant that is used in the fight against skin damage and free radicals, but it is also required for the synthesis of collagen, which prevents aging. He's good in the fight against wrinkles and other signs of aging. Soluble in water, has an important function in the metabolism, metabolism, stimulates collagen synthesis, increases capillary resistance. Esster - C is a vitamin with fatty acids. Skin absorbs it better than I vitamin C. One of impurities esstera - C is ascorbyl palmitate.  

40 + and over  with forty years will start to create wrinkles between the eyebrows, dark circles become more visible, no matter what you've rested enough, there are wrinkles on the neck and it will start to deepen the lines from the nose down to the corners of her mouth. The skin will begin to reflect the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight or lamps in the solarium. Age spots, which even then beginning to emerge, not only a sign of years but due to not using sunscreen. The consequences of (not) proper skin care in their youth will be reflected in the 40s. When you enter the fiftieth wrinkles become deep and much more visible, there will be spots on the hands and neck skin will become wrinkled. Skin will continue to change the texture, it will remain dry and thin without elastin. Especially will it affect menopause. The loss of estrogen and progestrogena, depletion layer of fat will result in a loss of definition of facial contours.  Nega skin - just as you nourish skin with thirty, and continue with the forties. The face should be cleaned creamy means morning and evening. Day cream must have protective factors, but with her ​​face can smudge and serums and lotions that contain antioxidants and night products with retinol. Apply to damp skin daily care, cream or serum, as they will be absorbed by the skin better. In consultation with a dermatologist to decide which products are best for your skin. Use cream with coenzyme 10 (Q10), because omuga─çava healthy and youthful appearance with age are natural resources exhausted. Be sure to take as much vitamin C that will help fight damaged skin and improve the synthesis of collagen. For best results, start using products with ingredients such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids, lactic acid and NAPCO - a natural moisturizer.

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