Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What are thieves calcium?

Do something on time for your line and strengthen bones. Follow our fitness programs for women and results will follow.

Exercises for strong bones 
 Advantage: For this exercise, you do not need a gym. Make them at home, then when you find free time. It would be best to do every day all five. 
 Important: While doing exercises, the muscles you need to be tightened, at least five minutes during each exercise. The movements should be uniform, not a sudden and breathing calmly and evenly. 
 first Trains arms and shoulders 
 Bend arms at the elbows and place your palms on the breast. Now extend your arms and push them as far back. Do six to seven times. 
 2nd Strengthens the back and abdominal muscles 
 Place towel (120x40 cm) waist, and then grab the ends. Five seconds towel pull ahead, resisting back muscles. Relax your muscles. Do five times. 
 third Strengthens thighs 
 Lift your right foot, then his right hand grasp and attract more under the buttocks. In this position, stay for five seconds, and then change the leg. Do three times left and right foot. 
 4th Tightens arms 
 Hold the frame of the door (80 cm wide), then the lateral side of the forearm five seconds resisting the site windowsills. Do five times with short breaks. 
 5th Good sheets 
 Stand about one meter away from the wall, and then step out to him. Put both hands on the wall and push them towards it, and the weight on the foot switch that is located closer to the wall. Fifth leg of the back drop down to stretch her ​​calf muscles.  Osteoporosis  Osteoporosis is a disease of the entire skeletal system.Bone mass, bone structure and function of the weak and the risk of fractures. Osteoporosis, however obscurely and advancing age does not cause pain.  How is?  bone metabolism is disrupted and, little by little, the bones become porous. The disease is mostly genetically conditioned. In women, the risk increases after menopause. Production of estrogen is reduced, which negatively affects the development of bone mass. All other factors, such as excessive consumption of coffee and alcohol, uniform diet and too little exercise, can not be avoided.  How to PREVENTED?  best way to prevent a disease is to move, proper diet and calcium to enter. Movement to encourage bone metabolism and calcium migrate to them. Very good effect has varied diet, which includes the introduction of more dairy products and whole grain products, fruits and green vegetables.  However, the body also needs vitamin D, which stimulates the absorption of calcium.Combined preparations of calcium and vitamin D can be purchase in pharmacies.  Caution, "thieves" calcium  Some substances inhibit the absorption of calcium from the intestine and stimulate ejection of calcium through the kidneys.  prevent absorption:  - phosphate (it is available in "coca-cola", meat products , pork, melted cheese, yeast)  - oxalic acid, which has spinach, beets, chard, chocolate, black tea.  Replace these foods fennel, broccoli and using leeks:  - phytate (it is most germs in oats, wheat and rye ).  Ejecting encouraged:  - large amounts of animal protein, especially those from red meat;  - alcohol and caffeine, it is best to not drink alcohol at all, and more than four cups of coffee a day.

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