Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Way to Beautiful Skin

Treatment begins with a trip to the supermarket. The list of purchases should be found zdarave foods: raw food, vegetables and especially foods rich in vitamin A, such as tuna, liver, carrots, spinach and broccoli.

They encourage the growth of cells and accelerate their recovery, so the skin regenerates faster. From today consume less coffee and alcohol because they affect the creation of acids, and consequently complexion loses its shine and acts tired. Avoid sweets. 
 extra liquids: It would be ideal if you drink two liters a day of water or tea. This will contribute to vanish wrinkles that have appeared as a result of lack of fluids.  cleaning and gentle exfoliation  Start your day with a mild facial cleansing gel or milk, and then be followed by exfoliation. For mature skin peels are recommended with microspheres and fruit acids. They have the same effect as the peels with larger grains, but do not damage the skin. Extinct skin cells are removed and stimulate blood circulation and skin metabolism. The consequence: free layer of dead cells, ten received pink. In addition, after peeling the skin better absorb moisture, so it is recommended to apply moisturizer in the thicker layer. Relaxation and negative  third day is reserved for resting skin. After evening cleansing, apply a moisturizer on your face, let your favorite music and lie down on the couch or relax in the tub. This will be very pleasant for your skin, but also the soul. And sleep contributes to the skin to be more beautiful. Lie down a little early to be rested for at least nine hours. During the night, the cells divided eight times faster than during the day, and therefore help the skin so you'll rub her nutritive night cream. Sport, sauna and plenty of fresh air  To skin ensured additional quantity of oxygen, it is necessary to move. Movement stimulates circulation, which gives the complexion a nice pink color. Make time for a half-hour of physical activity. Ideal endurance sports, such as brisk walking, jogging or cycling. Fresh air pump a large amount of oxygen in the lungs and breathing enters the skin. The result you know: good circulation, pink complexion and, of course, the hormone of happiness, because we've done something good for your skin. Experts recommend and go to the sauna, where under the influence of heat and moisture removing harmful deposits. Massage  your skin will thank you if you treat her morning massage. Best immediately after cleaning, after you've already caused a day cream. The skin will be better supplied with blood, and signs of fatigue will disappear. It is enough to apply these few ve┼żbica, each of which should last about twenty seconds.  first Hands gently massage the skin of the nose, cheek, to the ears. 2nd Forefinger, middle and ring finger, which should be slightly spread (as a fan) your forehead from the root of the nose to the hairline. 3rd Index finger and ring finger semicircular motion massage part around the mouth. 4th In one stroke massage the skin of the cheek-to-door.

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