Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tricks for an attractive look

We reveal nine tricks to you at work, and walking, and in the market to look beautiful and attractive. This was not so hard as it seems, it just needs to be good organizing.  FIND YOUR PAINT  A professional makeup artist Sonja Kasuko says that the relationship is achieved between the eye makeup and lip key to an attractive appearance. "The colors have to be modern, but not too trendy," she says. A winning combination "smoky eyes" in shades of brown and pink lipstick.

BE more casual
 trick is that acting perfectly natural, as seems Eva Longoria Parker. "You do not have to be hunky-dory from head to toe to be taken seriously," says stylist Fifth Wood. "Feel free to get off with a stiletto than 12 inches, and let it flutter."  DO NOT SAVE PERFUME  woman who wears branded glasses, a large bag for laptop and always has good hairstyle never saves perfume. Even when you put the shirt on weekends and jeans, it will be left behind a cloud of smell. That is how he recognizes successful, selfaware and modern woman. USE hairspray  unjustly underestimated This product guarantees a good hairstyle every day, says hairstylist Sarah Potempa. "If your hair is dirty or weak, spray paint at the roots and blow dry the hair for a few seconds; curls will be best if corrected lacquer spray directly on the brush.  DECORATIVE GUMICE ARE IN  If you want to bind a ponytail, use some interesting hairclip or decorative eraser, with beads for example. If you put a regular eraser, your youthful styling poprimiće sophisticated touch. iron the HAIR Whether you go to work by car or public transportation, you can always catch the rain spoiling your hairstyle. Stylist David Evađelista suggests that in his locker at work, you always have a flat-iron your hair - it's a great first aid.  learns that PUDERIŠETE  professional cosmetologist When speaking of the perfect tan, think masterfully applied powder. To begin with you should know that there are powders for different skin types, and therefore needs to choose them. After applying foundation, facial skin should not be too wet or presuva, and especially make sure that the layers of powder are not noticeable. TREAT PROFESSIONAL MANICURE  untended nails always remind us of negligence and laziness. To always have a neat and orderly hand nails, regardless of all the chores that are performing the way, an expert cured gel nails. So you will no trouble at full months have perfect nails. NEK YOU BE THE SUN  In a perfect world, you would wake up without a clock, preserve life and fresh. Statistics, however, says that more than 70 percent of people do not sleep enough. To avoid stale frosted look, you do not have to sleep with the shutters down. Much will be better if you wake osećati solar light than irritating alarm clock.

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