Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The road to beauty

Learn how to improve your beauty habits and thus pull the maximum out of your looks. Learn to apply black eyeliner  No pencil can not leave the same impression as the seductive black shower. Learn how to draw a perfect and sexy line and emphasize your eyes.

Wash your brushes and brushes once a month, 
 often forgetting their cosmetic tools. Never wash them, just replace them after a certain period of time with new ones. This is wrong. Dirty brushes will not only apply cosmetics in the right shade, but the source of the bacteria. use products that protect hair color  If you paint your hair use products that will nourish, but also keep your color shiny and durable. Care for your skin  when the skin begins tighten and tickle it's getting late - is dehydrated. Do not allow more to happen - nourish and hydrate your skin on a daily basis.  'll find foundation that matches my skin tones  Many women used the wrong shade of foundation. Especially held the same shade in summer and winter. This is wrong. Keep track of changes in your skin and react. experimenting with shadows for eyes  Classical is good. Security is good. However, experiments, especially in the fashion and cosmetics are very welcome. Leap from your routine and play with different colors on your eyes. change hair style  Why still keep the same hairstyle and hair color? This year we decide to change something. Consult with your stylist and do something crazy

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