Saturday, April 27, 2013

Test your beauty?

Here's how you respond to simple questions, and we discover that your skin, hair, and smile mejkap be handsome and brilliant. Ready?

Do you use the right shade mejkap substrate?
Test 1:
 Apply one drop of substrate / liquid foundation, you normally use on the cheek. Wait ten minutes. If you and then you could see mejkap the skin, it means you are using the wrong shade. Oh, nooo! You have failed? Skin color is changing from season to season and from year to year. What I was fine during the summer, it may be too dark in winter. That's why experts advise that mejkap when shopping try a few shades substrate.Apply each of the cheeks to the jaw line, and then check the daylight (in the mirror of the purse). Natural light is the least forgiving mistakes. Finally, buy a foundation in a shade that is at least visible on your skin. Did you use the proper preparations for skin care?  Test 2:  Wash as usual and wait for the skin to dry naturally. Then gently press one layer of paper towels on the middle part of the forehead. Tissues should be to keep the skin a second or two before it falls off. If you keep the longer your skin is too oily (cleanser face sufficiently removes fat), and if the tissues immediately waste, cleaner too dry facial skin. Oh, nooo! You have failed?  If your skin is oily, you do not need aggressive cleaning agents. Beauticians say that the removal of the surface layer of fat enough to use the slide to wash that contains salicylic acid. If your skin is dry, you need to use a cleanser that contains ceramide, to retain moisture in the skin.  Are your teeth white to Tongue can not be?  Test 3:  If the color of your teeth matches the color white sclera, then you are in perfect condition . Otherwise, do this test: apply a bit of gold shadow (Mix with clear lip gloss) on the upper lip, a silver shadow on her lower lip. If the color of your teeth matches the color of the upper lip, it is definitely time for the bleaching treatment. Oh, nooo! You have failed?  Toothpastes for bleaching, as well as special tape for home use, only remove dispigmentacije tooth colored foods and beverages such as coffee and wine. Deeper stains (under enamel) can be removed only in the dental office.  How healthy is your hair? Test 4:  After washing izdvojte one lock really pull it (but not so hard that tears you go!). Healthy hair is stretched from 1.25 to 2.5 cm before the shooting. Damaged hair immediately shot. Oh, nooo! You have failed?  For starters, stop to rub the hair towel after washing - it is enough that only the hands of a good squeeze, or slightly istapkate towel. Vigorously rubbing will further damage the hair. Also, a few weeks, do you use any appliances that generate heat (including hair!), To keep your hair recovered. A recovery soft hairs, use package. Finally, trim the hair. What is a hair shorter, it's healthier.  Which is a perfect hair color for you?  Test 5:  Well look at your photograph when you were a child. Color that will act naturally (provided that this is what you want) is a two-shade darker / lighter than your hair color in the photo. Oh, nooo! You have failed?  Experts say drawing pencils - in the salon or at home - you can fix the whole thing.If your hair has a metallic glint, drawing svetlopepeljasto-brown locks will the "soften". If the hair is too cool shades, try to make the strands of brown or copper color. In the event that your current hair color is drastically different from the color of the hair in childhood, the safest is to go to the hairdresser. The risk of injury is always much higher when alone Farb hair in two shades darker or lighter, color. 

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