Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Secrets of healthy hair

Back to nature. Nature has always been synonymous with human beings, beauty and harmony. The modern world has led to a number of disorders, so it is high time to restore the balance between man and nature, to escape from the world of chemistry and reclaim natural resources. 
Yeah chemistry is negatively affecting us testify many studies related to the increasingly common problem of hair loss , both men and women.

 In order to save your hair, prevent excessive decline and encourage its re-growth, controlled dandruff and remove redness and itching, improve the structure of hair or slow the loss of hair pigment, it is necessary to know the 13 secrets of nature for healthy hair.  combination of aromatic herbs with pure, unpolluted areas, their extracts, floral waters and essential oils reveals the secret of care of your hair and to solve many problems that you've had. need to know why the following plants in the form of oil or Hydrolats, floral guidance, produced in the distillation of plant material, found use in natural cosmetics and show excellent results in products for hair care.  1st Burdock oil is a very medicinal and is traditionally used to strengthen hair roots and prevent decline. It soothes irritated scalp, removes dandruff and restores cracked ends of the hair. Burdock oil stimulates circulation and revitalizes the scalp.  2nd Hypericum medicinal properties have been known since ancient times and it is very appreciated plant. The antiseptic ingredients affects the scalp and regulates the production of oil. In synergy with the olive oil gives amazing results in preventing hair loss.  third Grape seed oil is rich in linolenic acid and vitamin E. Linoleic acid nourishes cells and contributes to healthy skin and hair. Vitamin E stimulates circulation, keeps the moisture of the hair and has strong antioxidant effects. Grape seed oil nourishes dry hair ends better than any chemical treatment.4th Evening primrose oil is rich gamalinoleinskom acid that naturally act as a blocker of DHT, a hormone which modern medicine attributed the blame for hereditary male pattern baldness, and thus solves the problem of hair loss due to poor blood circulation of hair follicles. Evening primrose oil helps to treat eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and seborrhea of the scalp. 5th Castor oil is very useful to protect the hair and scalp regeneration. Acting soothing, protects and gives hair and skin moisture. Long been used in folk medicine and a belief that regular rubbing can restore lost hair.  6th Helichrysum is a very respectable and medicinal herb. The essential oil is used for skin diseases. Acting antihematomatično, regenerating and as an antioxidant. It is useful against inflammation, dermatitis and psoriasis. For hair regrowth should first remove all disorders, scalp must be healthy.  7th Wild Rose Oil for its exceptional composition and mild pH is ideal for direct application to the hair. Nourishes dry and chemically damaged hair and is currently improving its appearance. The problem of dandruff can be easily removed by using warm compresses prepared with wild rose oil.  8th Pomegranate fruits are very, very popular tropical fruits. The Greeks and Romans used it as a medicine. Containing organic acids and tannins. Can significantly improve the appearance of chemically colored hair and refresh its color.  Hydrolat and cypress essential oil runs lymphatic and venous circulation and strengthens capillaries. Without good circulation, we can not hope to grow new and healthy hair. 9th Sage acts as an antioxidant and stimulates hair growth, also regulates the production of oil on the head. Liniment strong infusion (tea) leaf sage is good for strengthening weak hair and tanning osedele. 10th Lavender is known as svelijek can be used for all skin and hair disorders. It is important that you know that lavender long-acting, it is time and patience to make you glad first results of treatment of this extraordinary plant. Lavender oil can help themselves in cases of alopecia areata.  11thHydrolat Gentianae is a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial activity. In combination with rosemary very successful acting against fungal infections of the head.  12th Hydrolat or rosemary essential oil enhances blood circulation, acting regenerating, ideal for the care of oily scalp.  13th Besides all the abovementioned species we must not ignore curative olive, juniper, yarrow, hyssop, wormwood tree instead of God, wrinkles that improve circulation and acting soothing inflammatory conditions. Collect all the plants in one place and unite all the curative properties of a large fortune, but and very complex and time consuming process. Thanks to those who seek and understand the power of nature, and there are now quality natural products which are woven into these secret plants. Trust nature and let her cherish you. Give her patience and persistence, and it will reward you - your hair as soon as possible, healthy and strong. Let us turn to nature.

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