Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Perfect Hair

Whether your hair is long or short, any hairstyle there some trick to make it look just like a perfect hairstyle stars of the small screen. I will tell you some of the secrets that keep Hollywood stars. volumising fine hair, apply multicolor Parmeni, and will serve the purpose and length, which should not exceed the line of the breast. Thick and curly hair, like that of Sarah Jessica Parker, best to elongate and prominent facial features if the strands repainted in accordance with the color of the face, from the collarbone and down.

Due to the simplicity and practicality of such a hairstyle worn by many Hollywood beauties because they know it makes them feminine at all times. A similar version of the long hair with slightly colored strands carries and Jennifer Aniston, and the only difference between these two beauties hairstyle is that it is Jenna's hair is straight, her elegant look warrant the quick movements of a round brush after drying. wisps stand bob hairstyle  If you have straight bob hairstyle Avoid strands and hair farbajte rich and brilliant hues. On the other hand, the volume slightly curly hair Emphasis wisps, and a shade lighter than the rest of the hair. Longer bob hairstyle for ladies in middle age  if you like the style you wore it for a while Hali Barry shape the longer bob. At the same time, the front part of the leave little longer, and peaks Cut short and trim them. Thus the hair to fall naturally and hairstyle will look glamorous. Silver color shampoo farewell yellowish pigment  on sedoj hair color fade easily. To do sprijańćile and on her hair, Somali model Iman nurtures hair products that do not contain sulfate and paraben. For the care of natural hair Sedih best silver color shampoo that will prevent getting yellowish glare. How to nurture natural curls  on wet hair, apply the product to obtain volume and Razdel into four parts. Then dry the hair strands and twist round brush that you have attached to the apex until it is completely dry. In the end, it all dissolved and gently shake your hair with your fingers. Had the "smoothing" of hair away from harmful and coloring, permanent, twisting and drying hair ... The heat that radiates from such appliances irreversibly damages the natural proteins in the hair shaft, and the result is cracked ends and very dry brittle hair, and if we add to that the curly hair dry itself espe, it is clear that you will be doomed to frequent visits to the hairdresser.  Just look temperature:  * Partial drying - 80 ° C  * Dry your hair completely - 100 ° C  * The appearance of the first signs of damage - 120 ° C  * Correcting partially curly hair - 160 ° C  * Correcting curly hair - 180 ° C  * Correcting extremely solid and curly hair - 200 ° C  , of course, should be taken into account and that the "smoothing" temporary and regular use of treatment causes permanent destruction that can be solved just suck, at least initially. But once you destroy the core of the hair, there is no turning back. Chemical hair straightening, which is far longer, creating more damage than machines.  Now, if you just stuck to shake curls, at least use a serum that will not allow the heat to reach the core of the hair and break it. Preparations for this purpose, of course, will not completely prevent damage, but they will at least alleviate and postpone ... while the mode (or your position) does not change.

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