Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Perfect eyeshadow for your eyes

When applying shadow, choose colors that complement your skin tone and eye color eyes attract someone's attention, or seduce you indicate that you are not interested. Therefore, when the make-up eyes, it is necessary to strike a balance and harmony to reveal your true beauty. All you need is the right color, brushes shadow, eyeliner, eyelash curler and mascara. Adding color to the eyes automatically draws attention to them. Therefore, when applying shadow, choose colors that complement your skin tone and eye color. Use the pupil of the eye as a guide for proper selection of colors.

 Green Eyes 
To emphasize green eyes use shades of hazelnut, royal purple, violet, plum, forest green or brown. If the eye is dark green, try using a darker shadows, if the light green, light green and take your shadow.  Hazel Eyes To emphasize the use of green color shades  pink, violet, and forest green. For more brown, use hazelnuts.  Brown Eyes To emphasize brown eyes use shades of copper, bronze, champagne, beige, green, gold, and other metallic colors.  brownish-black eyes to emphasize deep brown eyes use bright shades with the addition of pearls for refusal of light. Try a glossy green.  Blue Eyes To emphasize blue eyes use gray, pink, svetloljubičaste, purple, orange, svetlonarandžaste, gold or any shade of bronze. When selecting a shade of blue that you want to synchronize with the eyes follow the rule of opposites - if the eye is dark blue, use light blue, and if the ice-blue, use darker shade of indigo. 

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