Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Myths about cosmetics

My favorite lipstick, mascara worshiped, a diverse range of shadows, your makeup ritual - just like makeup. But how much do we really know about her? What are we doing wrong, but where Gres? piercing brush mascara often easier to take the mascara inflict  great myth that is as old as the mascara itself. The only thing piercing the brush do the introduction of additional air into the mascara that will make it dry faster. If your mascara at the end just as the brush to surround her to collect the remains of mascara. Nothing wrong with sharing, cosmetics with friends  as long as you normally very tempting to try and make up your friends, it is better to refrain from it. This is the best way to transfer bacteria from one beneficiary to another. Best places to apply perfume are places where you feel the pulse  Doing so will your perfume last longer, because it smells operating under the influence of heat. Match color with color eye shadow - thus will eyes get even more evident  fact, in many cases, just the contrast gives more results. For green eyes, a great selection of purple, dark brown and light golden color. Blue will go great with the muted tones and chocolate shades. Brown eyes will further highlight the gentle pink tones, natural beige color with a slight bronze. Constantly wearing dark varnish leaves yellowish stains  Unfortunately it is true, but the good news is that the yellow color is only temporary. However, before applying a dark varnish, before apply a coat of clear varnish that protects your nails. makeup has a shelf life  like any other preparations and makeup has a shelf life. But often it is ignored and continue to use cosmetics and after the deadline. It can cause allergic reactions and irritation.  Mascara and eyeliner last three months.  Creamy eye shadow and other cosmetics liquid takes about six months.  powder shadow, eyeliner, lip gloss, and last about two years. Waterproof mascara makes lashes fragile, liquid powder is better than the powder ... How many times have you heard this advice? Of course, we should not believe everything you hear! reveals the biggest misconceptions about mejkapu, so check how much you know about makeup ...

 Myth no. 1: Daily makeup is not good for the skin
 true - just the opposite - mejkap protects your skin from harmful sun rays, wind and dust. Most of today's preparative cosmetics contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that the skin provides protection and moisture throughout the day. In fact, most of the liquid foundation and loose powder, and even lip gloss, contain protective factors, from 15 onwards, so there's no reason not to use it.  Myth. 2: Even if you can not make up, before going to bed is enough to wash your face with water  truth - during the day, and night, your skin secretes fat, acid and salt. When you are out in the open, the skin comes into contact with dust particles, which, if the face is cleaned adequately, can cause enlarged pores and acne. That's why experts recommend cleaning the face at least twice a day, and this gentle milk and toner appropriate to your skin type.  Myth. 3: Waterproof mascara makes lashes brittle  Truth - Most waterproof mascara has more protein and vitamins than other types of mascara. Also contain silicone oil, which the lashes creating a sort of protection and nurture them further. True, this mascara is difficult to remove, but with a proper makeup remover, it should not be a problem.  Myth. 4: eyelash curler damage  Truth - If you use a curling iron properly, the consequences to your lashes out. Moreover, with his help, you will make your eyes visually bigger and the lashes will not look artificial. Curler used before applying mascara, and so that the eyelashes gently pressed a screwdriver, hold it for 30 seconds, and then put mascara.  Myth. 5: Creamy Powder is better than loose powder  true - all depends on your skin type. Powder is an excellent choice for women with oily skin, a liquid is great for people with dry skin. 

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