Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Misconceptions about deodorants

Truths and Misconceptions about the harmfulness of deodorant All deodorants do not contain toxic salt, but if you choose the ones that have the effect of prolonged freshness, know that they have the ingredients that will close the pores, which, certainly, and not very good. Find out what is true and what is not on the unhealthy properties deodorant.

Avoid that after waxing immediately apply a deodorant because it will further irritate. Rather we vouch for talk  DEODORANT NOT natural product - incorrect  Deodorant is nothing less than a natural soap that removes dirt and prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms. DEODORANT IS antiperspirant - incorrect deodorant eliminates odors resulting from the decomposition of sweat on the skin, and antiperspirant temporarily reduces the amount of sweat closing the pores of the skin part that apply it.Remember, all with long-lasting action of deodorants have antiperspirant effect. antiperspirants contain harmful SALT - tray It is to date the only known formula that successfully prevents excessive sweating.Aluminium salts partially closed channel sweat glands or tear open the pores of the skin. aluminum salts are harmful to your body - accurate and inaccurate  past twenty years, accusing them of being toxic to the nervous system and were the subject of numerous studies, but they found no evidence of harm, even in the case of daily consumption against acid. antiperspirants may DA NADRAZI SKIN - tray  This is the flip side of their great effectiveness: people with sensitive skin can not tolerate them and have to satisfy conventional deodorant, which removes odor but not perspiration and moisture. To know whether your deodorant containing these salts, read the list of ingredients that the manufacturer must state on the label.AFTER Hair removal NOT SUBMIT DEODORANT - tray  Especially deodorant containing alcohol. It is best to put the powder and just the next day deodorant. ROL-STIK ON AND ARE less efficient - incorrect Spray gives the impression of freshness when applied to the skin, but that's all. Neither more nor less effective than other forms of deodorant.  perfume collections are less efficient - tray  These deodorants with the power of smell toilet water. They are actually milder and more suitable for people who are less sweat. 

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