Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to remove dry hair ends?

Dry peaks hair and lifeless looking hair are something she encounters a large number of women. In an effort to solve the problem overnight, dry tops, usually buying expensive ampule for 'express' revitalization of damaged hair and a lot of fancy oils and creams. Here's how you yourself with a little discipline and effort you can help your hair and dry tops.

Every time before washing your hair (about an hour) peaks grease oil (almond, walnut, Cicak) or a good greasy cream. It would be best if you had the night before washing namastili peaks wrapped in a towel and so left to work overnight.
Once you wash your hair (making sure not to use too aggressive shampoos and certainly before applying them to the hair dilute with water), put a sufficient amount of conditioner. Do not save the regenerator and do not buy the cheapest ones. Although the packaging conditioner says that's enough to leave work 2 min, it was not enough to remedy penetrate deep into the hair. Leave it on for at least 5, and ideally 10 minutes.Thereafter Balm Rinse and gently rub the hair length towel.
Here's how you yourself with a little discipline and effort you can help your hair and dry tops.  least 2 times in ten days using hair masks. Once you have washed and towel balm rubbed length hair, apply a mask and let it work for 10-15 minutes. Ideally, you hair wrapped in a plastic bag and a little zagijali hair. When drying your hair blow dryer (best to let it dry naturally, but it's a little harder in the winter these days) make sure you do not approaching hair hair. Some distance is 20 cm. More bazirajte to dry scalp and peaks can remain small and wet (if not immediately to bed). sure after drying the hair, apply again a heavier cream or oil (rub between your palms and apply to hair ravnomijerno). Sometimes you can use a conditioner because it provides protection from drying out. Make sure that your hair does not correct a hair dryer or iron (sounds impossible to have a hairstyle ukolio hair is ironed). Instead rather good grease tops and tie your hair in a bun or braid. So it will not notice that you are tops greasy hair, and the hair will certainly be grateful. Hang in there, even while your hair a little better!

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