Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to remove dark circles?

The skin under the eyes is very thin, and every fluid retention in the body causes swelling of blood vessels under the skin surface. It appears as a dark mark or 'colored circles'. darkness around the eyes izaizivaju various disorders in the body, pregnancy, and bveliki uns salt.  Moreover, insufficient amount of sleep causes the appearance of dark circles because then the body produces more cortisol, and it increases the retention of fluids.

 With age circles are becoming uglier due to fatty deposits that are deposited under the eyes.  Moreover, with age skin loses collagen and elastin, and less able to resist the forces of gravity, influences.  If you want to diminish them should konsultujere doctors to determine their origin. Until then, here's some advice to them, briefly, understate.  Two bags of chamomile pour boiling water and let it rest covered for about 15 minutes. When the bag cool a lie, put bags on your eyes and stay so for at least 20 minutes.  Similarly you can do with sachets of Russian tea.  aloe gel is very good for the dark circles, but also for the puffy eyelids.The gel can be bought in pharmacies and perfumeries.  cucumber and fresh is an excellent 'cure' against dark circles. cut into thin slices that will leave you in the eyes for about 15 minutes.  Temporary help and pale concealer. Apply it in a thin layer of powder before.  If you have dark circles under your eyes, use cream with vitamins C and K.  Do not forget - a chronic lack of sleep is a major cause of dark circles. So - a few more minutes of sleep would be the best cure for a tired looking. 

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