Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to reduce enlarged pores on your face?

Oily skin faces the result of intensive work of the sebaceous glands. Fat is, in a certain quantity, skin indispensable, because together with water and sweat makes the invisible, protective surface film. But oily skin often has resulted in enlarged pores.

Pores are actually places where ducts of the sebaceous glands come to the surface of the skin. These openings in some women and men can be so pronounced that look like scars. problematic complexion while men often do not bother women, they represent a cosmetic problem. They represent an increased risk of developing problematic complexion, since they accumulate dirt that promotes inflammation. Specifically, the daily hygiene of the face is difficult because the pores harder to clean, and easy to accumulate in the dirt. It takes several times daily to clean face, it takes a lot of time, but never cleared the way.  More than 70 percent of women aged 20-30 years notice at least one of the symptoms of oily skin.The two most important are: the pores are enlarged like small scars, and the skin itself is great.  These symptoms are especially present in the central part of the face: the nose and around the nose, chin and part of the middle of the forehead. It is oily or so. "T" zone of increased sebaceous gland.  Such a skin requires persistent and thorough care, which consists of several stages: cleansing, hydration, regulation of secretion of sebum. Thoroughly cleaned surface of the skin is the first step, and is carried out regularly in the morning and evening.  Clearing to remove not only the excess sebum from the skin, but also the dead skin cells, dirt and remnants of cream. Cleaning products (emulsion, milk and tonic) should not be aggressive, or not too much "grease" the skin. Namely, if exaggerated, it will start mechanisms to compensate forcibly removed the fat and glands it begins to create an even greater amount. Soap and tonic  Soaps applied to wash the facial skin should be slightly acidic, tonics should be plant based, not on the basis of alcohol which dries and irritates skin. care should be carried out without rubbing, because oily skin is very susceptible to damage, but at a lower mechanical irritation.  Mechanical cleaning method is not suitable for a person with enlarged pores, because these people often have sensitive skin remains irritated with numerous scratches and scabs. And after the "classical" cleansing pores quickly re-fill dirt. A goal is to narrow pores on the face and reduce excessive oiliness.  So in these cases it is recommended to use low-frequency currents. its application enlarged pores are reduced, while the normalized moisture and production of oil.  these methods, improving metabolic function in skin tissue, as well as to quickly elimination of excess extracellular fluid from the tissues and harmful substances., what is very important, reduce the fat in the subcutaneous tissue. disorder hormonal imbalance  causes increased activities of these glands may be disturbed hormonal balance, stress and mental tension and heritage. first symptoms of oily skin they are expressed in early puberty. however, and after, puberty, a significant number of women continue to have oily skin and enlarged pores.

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