Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to nurture painted blonde hair?

Dyed blonde hair requires special care to keep them healthy and shiny, but despite a number of products in our market aimed exclusively care unit dyed hair, most women it operates dry and lifeless. The reasons are many, and we offer you some useful advice through the application and dyed blonde hair can be neat, silky and strong just like a natural.

Unraveling Vlachs
 dried hair coloring difficult to comb and it is very important to carefully comb because the ends are prone to tearing. Apply to damp hair after washing nutritious mask painted hair, which will soften your fingers through his hair to untangle and comb gently moves the first end, then head of hair. suck as often as possible  if often Farb probably have dry hair with rascvetalim ends. Even worse, if such hair often fenira, if you live in a big city where the air is polluted, etc. That's why you need to regularly suck enough to remove an inch or two once a month. Remember that it is always more beautiful and healthy hair is shorter than the long and corrupt. spillways FIRST AID  Each new coloring hair loses its quality. Refresh the occasional overflow of paint and troprocentnog hydrogen, or a dye that does not damage the hair. You put off painting, and your hair will become increasingly healthier. blow-dry naturally  dyed hair is dead hair strands do not have enough natural protection, and it is very susceptible to any adverse impacts. Therefore it is important that your hair as often as dry naturally. Blow, presses for hair, "Figaro", all of these techniques further dry the hair. 

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