Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to look younger?

Five tricks to look five years younger in just a few minutes your face will look much fresher if you follow a few simple steps.

UlepÅ¡ajte disadvantages of  the products you use should not only point out nicely on the face or to conceal irregularities. They can and to improve what you are trying to conceal. Make sure that the product is a label formula with nutritious ingredients such as peptides that make the skin, antioxidants and natural vitamin acid. With the help of these ingredients is achieved stunning effect. Raise cheekbones  to restore youthful roundness cheekbones, apply a luminous cream on their outer side, and then spread to the hairline. It will attract the light that is reflected on the skin creating the illusion that the cheeks filled and raised. Highlight eyes  Apply mascara only on the upper lashes. This will easily raise the upper eyelid, which will open your eyes. The most important thing is to choose the right color mascara. Although the offer on the market diversified, eyes look best on brown and black. If you're a brunette, black looks best, and if you're blonde, better for you brown mascara. If you do not want too much to highlight your eyes, use mascara color that most closely matches the natural color of your lashes. It will thicken lashes and it will seem natural. catty look  Draw eyeliner upper lash line. On the outer corners extend move up, to achieve youthful, catty look.Challenging lips  As we age lips lose collagen, which is why they look like they pumped. Glow that will inflict rose over the middle of the lips, will make one look more crowded. Reflection of light will give your lips the effect of fullness. 

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