Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to keep cosmetics?

Cosmetics for face and body care products have a shorter shelf life of cosmetics and need to use them up to six months from the time when unpacking. However, you should know how to properly kept so as not to spoil the first time.

 The proper use and storage of cosmetics uštedećete money, so you'll be able to buy more expensive and better preparations  CREAMS first Choose packages of cream Dozer that you do not pulled out with your fingers, because all microorganisms from hands to cross the box and contaminate the cream. If a drug has no dozer, use a sterile swab or applicator.  2nd Do not throw away the protective film when you open the cream because it will shorten the shelf life.  third Do not store cosmetics in the bathroom, especially if it is based on herbs.  4th Keep medicines in a dry, cool and dark place.  5th If you want the cream lasts longer, let them stand in the refrigerator.  6th Take preparation if he changed the smell, color or consistency.MAKE first The fastest way to spoil mascara. Buy new for four months or half a year.  2nd Always read the expiration date on the package, although he was a precaution, always shorter than real.  third If you have used their makeup which is overdue, it may come to an allergic reaction, redness or dermatitis. Fortunately, these reactions are not immediate and serious threat to health. 

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