Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to hide fatigue on your face?

Tricks to hide the weariness on his face deep and dark circles, puffy eyes and yellowish-gray complexion clear signs of fatigue. If this is your everyday look, first of all should be good to get some sleep. If you do not arrive, try these tricks.

Can you "Role-" bright and fresh look? Here's some advice to "wake up" feature and restore his luster: 1stRevive tired skin  simplest way to refresh the skin does not require much time or money. Simply wash with cold water.  Lower temperature tightens blood vessels and makes the skin smooth, toned look. Also in the bag, you can always wear thermal water for refreshing facial spray or spray.  2nd Feed your face  on the face, apply a rich moisturizer to prevent loss of liquids and dry skin. With a good selection of creams solve the problem of dry and irritated face and wrinkles will be less visible.  third Compensate complexion  If your skin looks dull, soak a cloth in a combination of milk and ice cubes.  then apply the cloth to the face and leave for five minutes. Combination pH of milk and cold your face will bring back the shine.  How to reduce stains on your face? Some experts say to put ice cubes - the top of the mouth, in fact, contains the nerves associated with blood vessels of the face. When the nerves to touch the ice, sending them a message that expensive.  4 Reduce swelling of eyelids  swollen eyelids against using products containing a combination of peptides, because it does not irritate the skin, and caffeine, which acts as a diuretic. Product before application can put it in the fridge, as the cold weather also reduces puffiness.  5th Do not overdo the makeup  Avoid heavy powders or applying large amounts of substrate for tired skin look even worse.Instead, use a cream color with SPF.  So smudges on his face invisible, but the skin still breathes. An additional layer of concealer, apply only if you have dark circles under the eyes in particular.  6th Eyes wide open  Use an eyelash curler - in a moment of refreshing and open view. Curler hold near the root of eyelashes and then 10 seconds, and repeat the same on the top lashes.  7th Mascara is required  To highlight your lashes, do not skip mascara. Two coats of your favorite mascara will further extend your eyelashes. 8th Color blush is important  Peach color is the solution for instant fresh look of blush pink. Shades of tan and peach refreshing distracting with dark circles.  careful on the amount of blush to apply - the look you want to achieve is slightly rosy cheeks, as if you took a walk on fresh air.

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