Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to choose the right cream for your face?

Can composition creams to be perfect for your skin type, but if you are sick of the thought of the procedure by the application requirements, there is no real use. Wondering how to. So nice - if it is a little time to devote itself a source of stress, let's preparation and gold, will not act!

When choosing cosmetics is extremely important that the cream suits your temperament, lifestyle and habits. Although acting amazing, struńćnjavi argue that this is true, because that would be negative was successful, and it has before! Natural Cosmetics Your portrait:  - when you buy a cream, the first smell  - enjoy every moment you spend in cleaning the face, putting masks cream, serum ...  - always find time to yourself Prepare scented bath  - do not like the aggressive preparations  - before you separate the money for expensive creams that you before the piece of clothing  - from cosmetic treatments are expecting a lot of manual massage and nice smell  Probably you are prone to allergies and very well you know your skin.Do not hate you to do them. It is therefore natural cosmetics ideal choice for you. It is based on ingredients from the sea, or plants that have preserved their properties, while the ingredients of animal origin minimized.  organic cosmetics Your portrait  - insist that preparations are using does not contain a shred of "chemistry"  - in your diet prevail fresh fruit and vegetables , maybe you're a vegetarian or macrobiotic feed  - have highly developed environmental awareness, do not use plastic bags and save energy  - like that cosmetics be packaged in recycled cardboard  - believe in the power of olive oil, medicinal herbs and worship made ​​by hand soaps - like creams that smell like medicinal herbs and nature  - think cosmetics should not be unreasonable to set your soul and body suits organic cosmetics, as you are patient and have a strong environmental attitudes. Organic preparations are made ​​from plants grown without artificial fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, and to the country at least four years is not treated with any chemistry. These cosmetics are not tested on animals.  COSMETICS FROM PHARMACIES your portrait  - not like the rituals, worship the products of the "3 in 1"  - first read the composition of the preparation, and then look for how much time to achieve results  - most prefer to find a pharmacist to recommend a cream will suit you  - prices of the technology because it allows you to look younger  - you just clean your face and Mazet cream, leave the rest to cosmeticians  - you want your preparations iron out wrinkles, remove acne and spots faded away You work hard, follow trends and like quick results. So for you the ideal pharmaceutical cosmetics, which contains a high concentration of active substances, and does not irritate the skin and is intended just sensitive skin. Use simple and very efficient.

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