Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to choose a hair color?

Your ideal hair color  can be impeccably dressed. Your make-up may well hide wrinkles. But if you are still scared of hair or put highlights in exactly the same way as 15 years ago, there is a probability that does not do good to your hair.

Not at all, because the shade of your complexion has changed over the years. Perhaps you have never feared her hair. In this case, ask yourself whether it's just the color is still stable and bright as it used to.Following a few tips to help your hair to rejuvenate your face, says Spa-wellness.com.hr. 
 Your hairdresser will do the rest. brunette  on most skin tones go brown shades of hair and it's a color that really makes your hair look healthy so it's a great color for rejuvenation.  If you have a light complexion and do not want too dark hair, then select rich auburn or gold color with caramel glow.  As you age, your complexion fading along with your hair. Eyes and skin become lighter, so rich brown hair color that looked great in the 30's, maybe longer looks so good.  Choose a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color or opt for highlights to cover gray hair, rather than for complete painting. haired  If your natural hair color gray, blue or reddish blue, you can paint your hair in red shades.  But avoid thick strands or bright red shades because it can be too harsh for older skin tones. Rather choose beautiful copper shades or hold natural highlights that blend with the base color, and give just a touch of heat.  Gray hair is less visible on redheads, but hide it with warm strands instead of whole color. Choose a shade as it is at the ends of your hair. Blond  As you get older, it is very easy to choose the wrong shade of blue.  Avoid bronze color and much thinner because both can postarati appearance and make you look cheap. Aim for gentle hair color for a more modern, more attractive appearance that radiates style. Instead whitening locks the entire surface of the head, your hair stylist could mix shades, gradually increasing the ratio of bleaching time.  A good hairdresser will use at least three different shades such as blue, caramel and gold, he added that more fullness and texture of your hair. Blackhair  You have black hair only if you Asian or black. But as you get older, even Asian and black skin tones can look more beautiful with warm, brown clumps. gray hairs  hair sits on some people can look beautiful and do not postarati if it is in good condition.  sits hair is like wire and can be dry, so it is necessary to regularly treat deep conditioners if you want to maintain shine. He sits hair may also have a yellow tinge. It can be removed with special shampoos and conditioners that illuminate.Depending on your skin tones, can be enriched with gray hair strands.

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