Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to choose a hair color?

To keep your hair was healthy and shiny, except for shampoos and conditioners, pay special attention to the color. And it is not as easy as it seems. do not risk it  if you first Farb, choose semi-permanent color.This type of paint is rinsed away after a few washes, so if you are a certain color is not like it will not be a big deal. Do not emulate the picture on the package because it does not mean that a particular color and you fit so well as a model, but choose to paint your skin type.

 For hair care, make sure that once a week putting mask painted hair. It is best that it be preparation manufacturer whose paint use. It is necessary to know that no one tending not to overdo it because too much of the hair balm and masks only faster greased. Ladies who often Farb need every time you shorten a little places, to avoid major damage. Likewise, every coloring hair loses its quality. Refresh the occasional overflow of paint and troprocentnim hydrogen, and dry it naturally. MALE Secrets to a Healthy looking hair first Experts say that most skin types great with shades of red, but red is still the best choice for people or bright pink flesh.  2nd If you have more than a third of the hair of his head Sedo, farbajte a semi-permanent colors, and choose lighter shades of your natural hair color. In addition, semi-permanent color is much less damaging than permanent hair. third If more than one week stavljate all sorts of preparations for the care of the hair, it will be faster greased and will lose luster and bounce.  4th Protect your hair from the sun in the winter, especially on the mountain. In addition to hair damage, UV radiation reduces the intensity of the color. Why put a cap or obtain preparations for Radiation Protection.  5th If you frequently paints, you must regularly to suck. Just remove an inch or two once a month.  6th Each coloring hair loses its quality. Refresh the occasional overflow of paint and troprocentnog hydrogen or dye that does not damage the hair.  7th Blow-dry naturally as often as possible. SHADES OF HOT TIP  If you are darker-skinned and have brown eyes, you belong to, experts say, warm skin type. You go perfectly golden hue hair colors like caramel, but just as well you will fit the color of chocolate, as well as all the warm shades of brown. SHADES OF COLD TYPE  People poverty complexion and luminous eyes belong to a cool skin type.Best will stand ash-and cold brown shades. If you have a tan with bright hazel eyes you shall not hold paint later in the very bright tones.

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