Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Homemade hair masks

Beautiful and cherished hair is the first thing that you see on us. However, the conviction that without hairdressers and expensive chemical products can not have shiny, healthy hair and strong, it is not true.using natural products, you can do for yourself, your hair will look even more wonderful, for a minimum amount of money.

 Lemon and chamomile for blond hair
 to get natural highlights that glisten in the sun after washing blond hair, apply the juice of one lemon or two (depending on length). Then, a hair dryer to dry it boosted the effect of lemon. The same effect will be achieved by washing the hair stronger and chamomile tea. For better effect let it dry naturally. whites for brown hair  To restore luster brown hair, make a mask from two egg whites and a cup of strong black coffee.Mix ingredients well and apply to the entire length of the hair. Allow to act for ten minutes to half an hour, then shampoo hair rinse neutral.  Essential oil sheen  in the shampoo you normally use, add a few drops of essential oil of your liking. Essential oils provide shine and freshness, and the hair will need while at the same wonderful smell. Just this trick used by manufacturers of preparations for the hair and it charged us dearly.  Natural oils for dry hair  If you have extremely dry hair, use only natural oil that you can buy at the pharmacy at really low prices. After washing, the end and the outer layer of the hair with olive, coconut, jojoba or almond oil. If you have straight hair, put a plastic cap over it and kind heated towel. After half an hour wash your hair thoroughly neutral shampoo. Kovrdžavoj hair before oil and ga do spirati after application.  treatment for oily hair  Although most people think that washing oily hair shampoo stronger as necessary to remove the fat from the vertex of the head, the truth is completely different. Aggressive shampoos only intensifies even more production of oil and dry the hair. For this type of hair are adequate to mild shampoos for daily washing.  Nettle Against Hair Loss To prevent hair fall pronounced, create a means of nettle and castor oil. One pound of fresh nettle leaves it with a liter of boiled water for half an hour. Drain the water, and the nettles Drain juice and add a cup of castor oil. Rub this mixture three times daily themes.  Avoid paints If you have straight hair that no foam, spray and gel looks messy, when using these preparations make the maximum saving. This means beautiful hair, dry the hair and destroy the PH value of the skin of the head.  Sunscreen ends of the hair if you do not have an adequate remedy for the ends of the hair care products, you can always use the most ordinary face cream or hand. Hair, skin and nails are the creations horny body and threatened the same ingredients to care. To make matters more interesting, leaning more appropriate such funds instead of foam, varnish, silicone cap and fixing that is designed precisely negi hair. 

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