Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hidden enemies of your skin

Spring sun rays are equally harmful and summer, and can cause the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation and cancer, according to dermatologists. Liquid foundation that contains SPF, is not enough, especially when applied in a thin layer.

So, what do you do? Every morning, rub the skin moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or greater. And here are a few things you should pay attention, because they can thwart your efforts that you skin is healthy and radiant:  hidden enemy No. 1 Falling asleep with mejkapom  astonishing number of women does not remove makeup before going to sleep, which is not a big problem if it did, once or twice a month. However, if you do it night after night, you'll definitely have to deal with clogged pores and acne. Spas Skin: In moments of great fatigue, sleepiness and lack of time, you need to have handy cosmetic wipes for removing makeup.Ideally, wash your face with cleanser in the form of gel and rinse it well with warm or cold water.Fundamental flushing of the skin is very important, because keeping the preparation in the pores causes closure, and thus the net effect of night creams (active ingredients do not penetrate deep enough into the skin). hidden enemy No. 2 over all the cleansing facial skin  The market is becoming more diverse eksfolijatora types - granular preparation for skin cleansing, exfoliation and mikrodermoabrazivnih preparations for use in home conditions. Many women are too often used by a large number of different types of funds in this category. This, consequently, causes skin irritation and (surprise!) increased production of oil. Specifically, when you remove the natural oils, the skin tries to compensate by producing an even larger quantities. Excessive exfoliation can cause permanent damage: creates a vicious circle of degradation and loss of fluid cells. The ultimate outcome may be red, flaky skin that is prone to sun damage and wrinkles. Spas Skin: If your skin is normal, eksfolirajte once a week. If it is oily and prone to acne, then you do it twice a week. In the case of dry or extremely sensitive, thorough cleaning once a month is more than enough. Lastly, when making use of any products or tingling feel the tightening of the skin, immediately wash preparation. hidden enemy No. 3 Unhealthy or undernourishment  If you're starving to enter into a new dress or regular snack on processed foods, such as chips and cookies (instead fruits and vegetables), you lose important vitamins and other nutrients. Spas Skin: Women often do not take enough biotin and omega-fatty acids, which are the two key factors for skin health. The highest amounts of these compounds can be found in whole grains, dairy products, fish, fruits and nuts. Also, eat foods rich in antioxidants, such as spinach, and berries, as these substances prevent skin damage. In the end, when you enter a useful enough food, there will be fewer places for salty / sweet "nonsense", regardless of the extent to which you long for them.  hidden enemy No. 4 Lack of sleep  Lack of sleep due to insomnia or frequent awakenings during the night, could adversely affect the general health, as well as on the skin. Our body is experiencing chronic lack of sleep as a state of emergency, which produces stress hormones. These hormones signal the body to redirect oxygen and nutrients directly to the skin of the major internal organs.When the skin does not get the optimal amount of fuel, it loses its elasticity, shine and shoot, there are dark circles under the eyes and on the eyelids Islands. Spas Skin: Here there is no compromise - night dream has to last at least seven hours. In the days when it objectively, you can not get it, do not watch TV, or to work on the computer before going to bed. Research shows that the work of the blaze of light (eg, the computer) decreases production of melatonin - a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle - waking state, causing an inability to to sleep or waking up frequently during the night. The morning fresh look, after one such night, use a serum. hidden enemy No. 5 Cyclic loss and restore (same number) pounds  frequently fatten and slimming slim fiber skin, which is why it becomes more susceptible to premature relaxation and the appearance of fine wrinkles and stretch marks. Even the loss of only 2.5 kg, if rapid, can disrupt hormone levels and cause the appearance of a variety of skin problems. Spas Skin: If your skin is relaxed due to the alternating loss and restore weight, try to use lotions for skin firming . They will help, but only to a certain extent. It is much more important to be wiser in the future: Set a realistic goal to weaken no more than one pound per week, which is safe for the skin and general health. beauty and health

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