Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Here comes spring

Slowly coming time of discovery. We will show skin slept hibernate and spring it on the sun must be flawless. Firstly, will appear in the neck and decolletage - some are soft and velvety. Discover scrubs, masks, hydrolysates fusion and creams that will awaken their beauty.

 Body during the winter was hidden under layers of clothing without the sun, vitamin D, and fresh air.Although you skin nourished, you act gray, lifeless ... Do not worry, she needs a few home treatments, performed with love and care, that will restore softness, shine and vitality. In the spring, with nature, and our skin wakes from hibernation, so it needs extra care to take off the heavy cloak and breathing. The first will probably, when you take off the scarves and turtlenecks, emerge neck and cleavage. It is therefore ideal to make an intensive course of the products contained in packages for face, neck and chest, from peels and masks a continuing daily use of fusion and Hydrolat. That is all you need skin - a 100% natural! We chose products Aromateka to your neck, chest and back face shine, balance and softness. scrub your face, neck and decolletage  as gentle exfoliation that effectively removes all dirt and dead skin cells, improves circulation and lymphatic system and makes the skin velvety soft and smooth. Extremely food, soothes and nourishes the skin and maintains a healthy balance.  used in a way that is selected Hydrolat (lavender, rose, orange blossom or tea tree, depending on the current situation and the need for skin). One teaspoon peel mixed with Hydrolat until a paste. Apply to skin gentle circular motion and then rinse with water. mask face, neck and décolleté  mask with a high proportion of highly purified minerals, detoxifies, heals, soothes, tones, nourishes and nourishes the skin. It is used in a way that is selected Hydrolat and fusion to face the current situation and the need for skin. One teaspoon mask mixed with Hydrolat and fusion for face until a paste. Apply to skin and leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse with water.  specialty of this scrub and mask is to prepare before the application which allows you to have fresh, without preservatives and any other synthetic additives. In addition, due to the fact that before the use of miscible Hydrolat and fusion for face, neck and chest - peeling and mask again and again adapted to the current situation and the needs of the skin.Mergers care and massage of the face, neck and chest  Mergers care and massage of the face, neck and chest are precious fusion of oils obtained from organic jojoba and certified, 100% pure essential oils. applied morning and evening to clean skin of the face, neck and chest instead of face cream. Quickly absorbed, deeply nourish and condition the skin. Great to combine with Hydrolat which aromatherapy cosmetics serve as a tonic for the face. You can choose: fusion for problem skin, sensitive and dry skin, the normal skin, and regenerative fusion.

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