Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hairstyles by face shape

How best to cut and which hairstyle suits my face shape? These are questions that many women ask themselves. In order to ease the search we bring the best and worst haircuts for each face shape.

Round face: the best 
 simple lines with as little volume on the side, such as the mid-length bob. This is the best option for a round face. Round face: the worst  stripe in the middle emphasizes high forehead, and the volume of the side cheeks expands the face. Round face would look slimmer to have more volume at the apex. Rectangular Face: best face squarer suits soft and fluffy hair with volume only at the apex. Hair should be straight and should not strictly frames the face because it will only emphasize the sharp contours of the face.Rectangular face: Worst  Severe and long bangs too accentuate square face shape. Even when the rest of the hair into a ponytail zaliže, his face looks even četvrtastije and distracts from the natural beauty. Oval face: the best  when you're blessed with a symmetrical oval face, you should show it as much. Simple, yet very feminine hairstyle raised all the attention directed at your face beautifully. Oval face: the worst  Compared with simple raised hair, long hair that frames the face may be one of the most beautiful oval faces, so common in the world. heart-shaped face: the best  heart-shaped face be appropriate haircut as a bob, seem like the right artwork. Bangs should be shorter, so as not to emphasize the high-brow. Length beans make it to the chin or longer, without volume to the cheeks. heart-shaped face: the worst  People with heart-shaped face should avoid hairstyles that emphasize high-brow and open sides, emphasizing the width of the face.diamond-shaped face: the best  face shape a diamond is oval face with a "sharp" edges. Almost every hairstyle suits such a person, but lightweight bangs and gentle line of hair around the cheeks are a great contrast with sharp lines of the face. diamond-shaped face: the worst one of the few hairstyles that people with a diamond face shape should avoid that picked up the hair into a ponytail or a bun the volume on the vertex. Better to stick to the simple, airy styles, and what remains of the volume on the top and sides. drawn face: the best  drawn face is perhaps the most challenging face shape when it is necessary to choose the right hairstyle. A real hit with long bangs brushed to the side and the volume side, which creates the illusion of facial fullness and reduced elongation. drawn face: the worst  While bangs can function well on an elongated face, it should be soft and preferably angled or combed to side in order to create an illusion of roundness of the face. Bangs straight, right angle and straight hair with side elongates your face even more.

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