Tuesday, April 9, 2013

For beauty is an important dream

During sleep face sweating and struggling for moisture easier "iron their" a face to regenerate and look younger by night a cell faces are updated to eight times faster, and although the body relaxes, the skin is working full time and "off" year and wrinkles , studies show.

 - The horizontal, relaxed position of the body temperature is reduced by about half a degree, but the blood begins to circulate more skin and hormonal changes create new proteins and reversed the consequences of stress and ultraviolet rays - said Dr. Melvin Elson who led the research. Night treatment will be most effective if sleep is between seven and nine hours, and if you lie on your back. Because sleeping on your side or stomach face will be placed on the pad, and in the morning will see a rumpled face. What will the young people go away immediately, but with age, elastin and collagen are no longer so "resistant." Dreamy beauty treatment will be best if you have a constant rhythm of sleep and getting up. The temperature in a room is not too large (not more than 22 degrees), and try to relax with deep breathing, meditation, a good book or a teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm milk. Pre sleep not rehearse, and in bed not to move a full stomach.little sleep creates stress and damage beauty  and big dark circles under the eyes and pale, "rumpled" face the picturesque example of a sleepless night. - Lack of sleep (less than eight hours) increases the amount of stress hormones , cortisol and decreases the production of collagen and leads to the formation of wrinkles - says The doctor of medicine, Jiotsna Sahni from Tuksona. Facial cleansing is required before sleep Removing makeup, day cream and impurities before bedtime helps to open the pores. Anti-aging and beauty products for prodreće a deeper into the skin if your face washed and clean. Suva skin more moisture and oily cream gel  Those with dry skin should use hidratantnije and cream products for cleaning and care.If you have sensitive skin after cleansing, it is good to wait 10 minutes before treatment. sun changing actions cream  products that contain vitamin A are essential for youthful facial appearance, but sun exposure can reduce their efficiency. It will get in the way of lotions and creams containing retinoid.

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