Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cream from the kitchen

Nursed look without too expensive cosmetic products is possible with a little effort and with the help of food from the kitchen. Stories about the effectiveness of certain foods such as green tea, for example, ricinisuvo oil or yogurt, constantly confirms science, and it's not just an empty naglabanjima best evidenced in time. Women in Spain for years, dark hair color cherish cranberry juice, an Italian for a long and strong eyelashes using castor oil, Egyptian white teeth with baking soda, a scandinavian twice daily face wash cold mineral water ...

Green Tea Face  on the effectiveness of the drink which was transcribed as a prescription for good health witnessed by the fact that it was a Japanese geisha traditionally used for skin care. Green tea experts, considered one of the healthiest types of teas. Except as drink this tea is for ages popular in folk medicine and cosmetics.  green leaves are attributed to many valuable properties of vitamins C, D, E, B1 and B2, fluorine, tannin which they say is up to twenty times more effective than vitamin E (vitamin youth).  Green tea boosts blood circulation and skin regeneration, keeps its moisture, protecting it from the devastating effects of free radicals and the harmful effects of the environment, especially UV radiation. Acting anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, clean and tighten pores, but due to the stress and soothe sensitive and irritated skin.  Easy care facial mask of green tea can be prepared by making one teaspoon of green tea cup and pour water heated between 60-70 degrees C. After five minutes Drain and allow to rest. The lukewarm tea soak cotton and her small circular movements massage your face. Green tea is used as a tonic to strengthen, refresh and soothe the skin. Castor oil for eyelashes long eyelashes seem to succeed best in Italy where women nourish eyelashes castor oil. This oil strengthens lashes and encourages their growth, but like all other preparations to inflict it carefully so as not to oil reached a round. Baking soda for white teeth  In Egypt white teeth imperative of beauty, and the local women prepare a paste of baking soda and coarse salt fingers that applied to your teeth and leave it to rest for a minute. yoghurt and almonds  for skin care facial women in India use almonds. Grind the almonds in ten porridge, and then they add so much yogurt to mass smears easily. Apply this mask on clean face and leave to act 25 minutes. Face, then, delete gauze and rinse. scandinavian held proven effective prescription - drink at least 1.5 liters of pure spring water per day. Also, twice a day for 15 to 20 times the face splashed ice cold mineral water. It encourages the natural functions of the skin, so that it leads in the row itself. This also reduces pores completely natural, and the skin can still feel free to breathe.

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