Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Clay Mask

Clay is perhaps the best example that shows how nature has ensured that the easy way to maintain good health. Modern research has undoubtedly proved to be the widest spectrum of green clay (which has the properties of absorption, drainage and elimination of impurities from tissues, blood and lymph) strengthens the defense mechanism and help fight against all diseases that have occurred as a result of weak immunity.

Because of its specific composition of the clay, it is extremely important that when its application does not use metal containers or utensils for preparation mixture. Mask Face  To prepare a clay mask, it takes two tablespoons of powder clay. It is put into a glass container, and the second vessel to Scramble the honey and olive oil and plain water. If someone has very oily skin, the water can add two or three drops of lemon.When it is well mixed aqueous base, just poured over the clay so that it is covered. When creating a mask, the clay is not embarrassed to mechanically mixed with water, but should be allowed to stand for an hour or two, preferably in the sun, and the water itself will absorb. So you get a mixture that will easily applied on the face, where again, needs to be used a wooden spatula. The mask needs to stand for about 15 minutes on the face. After that, just rinse with warm water without using any cleaning agent.  masks should be used six weeks to effect complete. wrap hair  What hair pack is concerned, it is placed on the subject, because the clay rejuvenates the skin and the vertex hair because it stops its decline and flowering. To wrap it in a bowl put lukewarm water, three or four tablespoons of clay and tablespoon of olive oil. It is well-BETWEEN, and applied to the threads. The head is then wrapped and the wrap is left to act for half an hour, then washed.infusion of green clay  in a glass put one tablespoon of powder clay. On powder poured 1.5 ounces of water, so it is left to stand for 24 hours. This medicine is drunk on an empty stomach every morning for three weeks. During the first week, drink only water, while the residue left on the clay bottom of the cup and after being cast. The remaining two weeks of therapy is drunk whole clay mixture then stir in the water. This therapy helps with anemia, problems with digestion and respiratory system, improves the immune system, the heart acts as a powerful tonic and kidneys. People who have elevated pressure is not allowed to drink a potion of clay every morning, but two times a week should take a small spoonful of powder clay and the fact that the lining of clay placed on the lower part of the abdomen. linings against the island  of clay liners are placed on the swelling, bruises, dirt on the skin, and so onThey can be cold, tepid, warm or hot, depending on the purpose, and are made ​​by it in a bowl with clay pours a little water, and after an hour or two, put the mixture over the gauze and applied. This coating should not be there longer than an hour, although the time may later be extended at four hours, or even the whole night. Where to buy clay  Clay is produced in granular or fine powder, and depending on its composition, can be red, yellow, blue. Our stores can be found, two of which are active substances: white for internal use and green for outdoor use.

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