Saturday, April 27, 2013

Clay for beauty

The mask of clay that dries out pimples is ancient history. Today it is called. divine powder, rich in minerals, trace minerals, an ingredient that has been increasingly used in cosmetics. Not only as a negative face, generally a clay tissue oxygen is good in the fight against cellulite, izbeljuje teeth tonifikuje tired legs and regenerates hair roots.

An important nuance is
 important to choose the type of clay intended for all your needs, advise experts. Although basically similar, though hue (gray, white, red and green) have specific properties and often different effect.
 For mass skin Wash your face lotion of clay. Massage your skin with cool mineral water in which you dissolve teaspoon of white clay. Dry and off, but no soap. On the other hand, do not use the green clay for skin that is dry. red for enlightenment  Red clay is the richest feroksidom. The plant is to increase the color, especially those acting a little off, especially among smokers, and then to eliminate and relieve redness.  At home you can use it to calm the inflammation of the gums. Soak the brush in the powder clay, gently brush your gums and mouth rinse. Bela for refreshment  so-called mineral kalinit, smooth as a powder and is mainly used in cosmetics for beautification: a mat dazzling tones the skin and shrinks pores. Above all, it refreshes body and scalp.  To make your epidermis was smooth as silk, improve microcirculation and refreshment subcutaneous tissue. Izmešajte 10 tablespoons of clay with 50g of salt and a little water and glove body hover over the whole body.  winter we are always in a dress, which causes heel become coarser.Oily hair is too dull. With the help of white clay, these limitations can be overcome. Green - to absorb excess oil  Green clay is excellent for removing saboreje with skin and with the vertex of the head. After the treatment the skin is soft and airy.  use the green clay, finely minced, instead of talc. Regulates bodily perspiration, and also softens the skin and is useful for eliminating redness in babies because of wearing diapers. Siva - cleaning  is mostly used for cleaning mixed skin, as well as refreshing and cleansing weight loss. Before novoizašlu squeeze pimples, hover over her patch of cotton you soak clay, lemon and olive oil.Will immediately dried.  Those who are involved in sports are well aware that the ranch often remain odor.To fix this problem, put the bag pack scented clay! 

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