Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beauty secrets for every woman

Straighten up, throw on a smile, believe in yourself - these are all councils that contribute to your good looks , however, as it will confirm every woman, male beauty secrets and beauty are also important. Although your appearance is only one part of what is, and still a part of you. And when you consider that it really looks great, trust me, it shows up on your self-esteem.

 Most importantly, good looks do not necessarily mean a big financial investment, nor a lot of effort - enough to pay attention to a few basic beauty secrets that make you feel and look great. Secret 1: Do not underestimate the power of good cream  Regardless of whether your skin is normal, oily or dry, if you can only afford a quality care product, let it be a good moisturizer. Sometimes it's with a good cream and facial cleanser can look years younger. When the skin is dry, every wrinkle is visible, his face looks older. You need a product that will retain the natural moisture of the skin, but it also fed. Secret 2: Carefully choose the cleanser  If you are one of those people who uses soap and water, consider once again the effectiveness of this strategy cleansing. Experts say it is best to use a mild cleanser - and apply it in small quantities.  Though you probably want to wash your face several times a day (especially if you have oily skin), excessive washing works counterproductive. Too strong products can damage the skin of the face and deprive her natural protection and a healthy glow. Once this happens, the skin becomes dry, sensitive and irritated, and look older. Secret 3: Get a good "tools"  You can have the most expensive blush, powder or eye shadow that exists on the market, but without the right brushes unlikely to achieve the desired effect. Using the right "tools" for applying makeup is very important for the proper makeup and a nice look.  What exactly is the proper selection of brushes? They should be soft and gentle enough not to damage the skin, yet strong enough to be able to move across the face. If you soak the brush in powder or blush, and the color is off before you have a chance to put it on your face, you're working with the wrong tool. Secret 4: A new look every two years  if you can not remember the last time you changed your hairstyle or make-up mode, the time for drastic "make-over". Experts advise to change the external appearance - including makeup and hair - every two years. When you go to look up with the trends, it also looks more modern and younger.

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