Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baths for beautiful skin

Bath and relax, be heard, enhancing circulation and make your skin soft and supple. Nega bodies, especially those cosmetics, based on the water. Water is the basic element to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the skin, and thus a variety of baths that practice can help to extend the beauty and skin health.

 Shower with warm water should be part of daily hygiene. Taking a shower can be a form of massage if you use the strong water jet, and it is good for relieving stress and tension.  Baths relax, be heard, enhancing circulation and make your skin soft and supple. There are various types of baths, and each has a different purpose. The choice you make bath according to their own needs and you can make them special ritual dedicated to the beauty of life.  When preparing for a bath is essential that showering remove dirt from the skin, and after a bath do not forget to preparations for skin care. If you have oily skin moist and recommended products that have less fat, while for dry skin should use products based on essential oils. Baths can do themselves, without investing a lot of money from the products you have in your home. bath yogurt  Mix a cup of yogurt or sour milk with a tablespoon of honey and a spoon of salt. Make a homogeneous mass that will rub the whole body, massage than five minutes. after that, take a bath with warm water fifteen minutes and further relaxation. Then take a shower first hot, then cooler water. 

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