Monday, March 11, 2013

Wrong hair color

A semi-permanent hair dyes can be removed easily in the comfort of your home, using ingredients that can be found in every household 

You've just finished painting the hair, just to, looking in the mirror, realize that "it" in your hair does not look like the color shown in the picture box? Semi-permanent hair dye is can be easily removed in the comfort of your home, using ingredients that can be found in every household.

For the vast majority of these methods is sufficiently less than an hour to restore your hair's natural color and remove all traces of "crime." Please note, all these tips are collected in good faith and based on the experiences of thousands of women cyberspace, but we recommend that you always think carefully Before you go to put on the head of an unknown substance. Consider yourself warned. :)

This method is far from ideal and cost-effective, but if you reserve by placing anything that is not a shampoo on your scalp, this is the only way. For the method of shampooing it is important to start as early as possible, ideally for several hours after you've painted the hair. Use hot water (the hotter, the better) and a good quality shampoo and rub the hair. Repeat this process several times over the next 24 hours, until you are satisfied with the result.

Hot oil treatment

Method of removing paint hot oil is much faster and more efficient than shampoo, but if you choose it, you have to be very careful not to burn. Put a bottle of oil (coconut preprouńćamo) in boiling water and hold it there for a few minutes. Then, using the applicator to apply the oil from root to tip. When you are done, wrap hair in a hot towel and hold it so at least an hour. Heat the oil will dissolve the color of your hair, and towel it will withdraw into itself. It if necessary, repeat the treatment.

Lemon juice

Freshly squeezed lemon juice contains a high concentration of citric acid, which bleaches the hair and helps in the removal of semi-artificial colors from them. The procedure is simple, drain about half a pound of lemon juice and evenly on hair. After that, cover with a shower cap head ten minutes before rinsing with warm water lemon juice.

White vinegar

White vinegar helps to remove paint from hairs due to its chemical formula dissolves paint. Not saving on the amount, apply white vinegar to your hair and cover it with a shower cap for at least 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and wash it with mild herbal shampoo to remove the smell of vinegar.


Toothpaste will remove semi-permanent hair dye from your hair, but it is an ideal way to lift the excess paint from the skin. Paint stains on the skin may appear on the scalp, ears and forehead during staining, and can last for days, it does not look nice. Apply a small amount of ordinary toothpaste to the area every few hours, rub lightly and rinse with warm water. Repeat the process several times a day for faster results.

Hair color remover

If you really none of these home remedies do not work, still remains available purchase professional hair dye remover in the nearest drugstore. This method is very risky and improper use can cause serious damage to your hair and scalp. Follow all manufacturer's instructions and make sure the remover is intended solely for the semi-permanent colors. 

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