Monday, March 11, 2013

Worst beauty tips

Have you ever looked back on some tips (not) recently published in magazines and realize that you were framed for some of the worst advice about beauty? 

Not to live in the past, but when you think about it, we really are 'sold' some of the worst advice that you should never try.

Look at the list and make sure you have some of these tips and you blindly follow because you are so advised the 'experts'. Let's put a final point on the 'i' on bad advice on the care and beauty.

Face cream, apply to wet skin for best results
Do not keep telling us that the moisturizer is applied to the face and body in order to 'lock' the moisture? It makes sense to apply the lotion to the body while it was still wet and let your skin 'drink'. However, applying cream on wet face will result in a slippery skin to which you can apply makeup.

Use a lipstick or lip gloss as eyeshadow
Using sticky lip gloss eye shadow as probably the worst advice! Even in very small quantities, the problem is primarily a composition. Most lipsticks and glosses is obese simply for the eye area, so it is better to just treat 'fair' hood.

Use glue to get rid of blackheads
Advice is bad when it involves glue on her face. Glue save for other things and let a beautician or ribbons remove blackheads. Glue can only make matters worse rather than improve.

Lipstick is for grannies
This is definitely one of the silliest and worst advice. It is quite understandable that some people certain shades and textures associated with roses, older women, lipstick but you will definitely see to! There are lipsticks different colors and textures, so do not let this silly advice to prevent infliction of roses.

Some shade of powder to match the color of your hand
It is not known who the wise guy came up with this 'golden rule', but it is obvious that he had no idea what he said. Try to find a foundation that will disagree with your hand is a complete nonsense that has nothing to do with your face. Do not believe me? Put your hand beside the face and you will see that the shades of skin on the hands and face completely different!

Chapped skin nourish superljepilom
Who would have guessed that the adhesive is even twice in this list. Using superglues on the skin, especially the sensitive one, cracked part, a bad idea is just like it sounds. The ingredients can further irritate superglues or even infect the skin. You should also take a long time to superglue completely washed from the skin, and superglue rather keep the broken vases and figurines.

Too much concealer under eyes
Recently, more and more famous ladies 'fura' light and this 'half-moon' appearance under the eyes, which is to blame for the bad advice. Eva Longoria and Nicole Kidman are just a few of the famous beauties who are caught with a variety of colors and shades of concealer under the eyes. Apply concealer in small quantities and make sure it matches your skin shade.

To remove pimples using nail
This is the most toxic of advice so far! Who, on earth, on its face wanted to put something that takes off nail polish? This can only severely dry skin, harsh chemicals can damage it. Nail should not be used for anything else but to remove the nail varnish. 

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