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What facial features say about you?

On the face, apparently, there are points that I can use to analyze character traits, and we will mention a few. Study them with those with whom uverenošću reading horoscopes or numerology. 

Can you identify the nature of the axial view of what a person only in the face

For centuries, people have tried to understand the nature of looking at a person's face. The ancient Chinese believed that the person is a reflection of the inner spirit. In medieval Europe was considered virtuous beauty, ugliness and evil character. In the 19th century, in identifying criminals, (mis) used the phrenology.While this is, once popular idea, refuted by modern science, yet often we judge others based on their facial features, writes (T portal).

Face Shape
People with round face are considered to be extremely caring, sensitive and emotional. Prone to strong sexual fantasies and know how to enjoy a stable, long-term relationships. People with oblong shaped faces are practical and methodical workaholics. Usually are muscular and athletic, a bit self-centered, and because of their egos have problems in relationships. Square face is associated with fire and such people often know to be aggressive, ambitious and tend to command. They are determined and have a sharp, analytical mind. Triangular face is associated with a slender body and intellectual superiority. Chinese interpreters connect people with this form of creativity, sensitivity and fiery temperament.

Prominent eyes with sparks are clear advantages over smaller eyes that suggest introverted and secretive nature. Quiet eyes, during the interview concentrated observe the signal are solid, stable and persevering character. In contrast, the view that mischievously wander, bode restless character and inconsistent habits.Unevenly set eyes indicate that the person is able to see things from a different perspective and that is prone to analyzing the phenomenon.

If you are the eyes and eyebrows directed upwards, the person might be an opportunist. If the eyes are shaped downwards, such person knows to confront others.
People who, because of their heavy eyelids, which lie across the eyeball, looking sleepy or drunk while not drinking, suggesting a strong libido person, especially if they are full, and lips. This look says that the people in my life gone through periods of discouragement. Cold and quiet with small eyes eyeballs reveal the person nemilosrdnijih trait.
Color is also used in the assessment of character. Deep blue color means that you senzulna open person and society, but also gentle and sensitive being. Light blue eyes tell us that enjoy flirting with the opposite sex.Deep green eyes mean energy and inventiveness. You'll need plenty of time to figure out the spontaneity and lucidity of mind of the green eyes. With them, the company will need to sharpen their intellectual skills.

Chocolate brown eyes reveal some of the genetic characteristics of a race of people from the Mediterranean and the Middle East and passionate characters show who love social life. Passion is in them related to the devotion and loyalty, such a person is working hard to ensure the comfort of his family. Brown eyes usually indicate generosity. Gray eyes reveal a high level of intelligence and imagination, but a passion for this type of sophisticated people fairly muted, because they are prone to judgment. Black eyes are very rare and stunning. They have a dominant and striking its target people who will not always be achieved in the gentlest way.

Eyebrows talk about reputation, fame and temperament. Strong eyebrows signaled assertive and strong people are skilled with their hands. Thin eyebrows reveal a person who is often undecided. Low brow reveals an impulsive temperament, while talking about high cautious attitude in making decisions. Straight eyebrows are a sign of high aesthetic criteria and sensitive temperament.

Over shaped lips estimate sensuality, appetite for food and sex, and communication are. Thin upper lip and fuller bottom indicates someone who can not return the love of the same measure. Form suggests the opposite may be the person who gives too much. Full round lips are a sign of hedonistic, caring and sensitive, while the thin lips indicator of selfishness. Suspended angles indicate someone who is very difficult to meet, and the corners pulled up, a sign of optimism. Straight lips are a sign of self-control.

For wrinkles around the eyes are said to be the line of joy. They provide an open heart and a person who spreads joy. Vertical frown lines between the eyes reveal a very rational person: it is someone who works hard and knows how to be very determined. Lines extending from the nose to mouth lines are referred to as purpose. They reveal people who are on the right path of life. 

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