Saturday, March 30, 2013

What cosmetics companies are hiding from us?

Most closely guarded secrets of beauty 

Cosmetics company from the sale of mercury, so jealously guarded information that could jeopardize their business. To help you save a few dinars and save you from disappointments final results, here are the five biggest secrets on cosmetics.

Shampoos are not healthy
Washing your hair with shampoo more harm than good to your hair. It may seem strange to you, but it really is not necessary (or healthy) to wash your hair every day. Most shampoo contains sulfur that is too strong and washes off natural oils, which entails the use of balsam. Balsams, in turn, contain silicone and glycerin which prevents the scalp to breathe.
Moderate use shampoo once or twice a week is enough for a nice and neat hair. Examine the composition of hair care products and choose the ones without sulfur, glycerin and silicone. Remember - the more important is the way the application of the products that apply. So devote some time on the scalp, gently massage the threads and hairs to remove accumulated dirt.

UV protection is the only weapon against aging
If you want to keep a youthful appearance of your skin, apply the cream daily with UV protection and protects it from the sun as much as possible, instead of spending a small fortune on anti-wrinkle creams of dubious influence. To cream to take effect, it must in itself contain the ingredients for UVA and UVB protection.
Also, before buying the product, check whether it contains titanium dioxide, zinc oxide or avobenzone.You'd be surprised how many leading cream against UV radiation does not contain the key ingredients that protect against UVA rays, the main culprit in cancer and aging.

Lotions for the skin does not always have to be good
All worship the body lotion. It's a wonderful feeling soft and fragrant skin, right? However, one should bear in mind that the skin is our largest organ and everything inflict on it is absorbed into our body. So what now makes our skin velvety soft and hydrated does not have to be so beneficial in the long run. Some lotions are generally too dense to penetrate the skin, and are retained on the surface of the pores začepljujući.
What can help your skin over a range of different lotions diet rich in omega acids such as fish and nuts.Besides, I'd rather use a oil: baby oil, or natural, such as Shea butter, coconut oil or cocoa will be useful to your skin from heavy lotion.

"Natural" does not have a rule to be "healthy"
Given that the cosmetic industry is poorly regulated, there is no proper check of products that are advertised as "natural". Not everything in nature is extremely healthy and good for you - think of snake venom and poisonous mushrooms.
Some natural ingredients in products may cause irritation and allergies, mostly mint oil, lavender and lemon. This does not mean that all natural ingredients are harmful - there are natural and chemical ingredients that are healthy for the skin. Therefore, it is extremely important that before buying examine the chemical composition of each cosmetic product and not blindly listen to advice, because what worked wonders for your friend, you can do more harm than good.

You do not have to be loyal to one brand
It is not necessary to use any skin care products from the same manufacturer. Because of the diversity and abundance of ingredients, one of the products will probably be harmful, so the idea is to use a complete line of nonsense. Nonsense is even greater if you know that most of the brands owned by a few large 

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