Saturday, March 16, 2013

Way to beautiful eyebrows

Correct shaping and plucking eyebrows you can make you look younger, brighter, thinner ... Here are some easy instructions on how to make them perfect. 

Frame face

Well-groomed eyebrows can soften the look of wide cheekbones, or make a person seem proportionate.Beauty is in the fact that highlight what you like and not divert attention away from what you feel less beautiful. Is the easiest to pluck your eyebrows after a shower or after you place a warm compress to soften the hair follicles and the whole process was less painful.

Adjust your eyebrows facial

Have your eyebrows follow your face shape, do not copy a celebrity. Because what suits your face shape model does not mean it will fit you. Do you have a round face eyebrow should be medium thick to thick and shaped as uglastije. With heart-shaped face try pulled straight eyebrows, and those with oval face should aim at forming a stronger arch the eyebrows.

Look on the bright

It is important not to overdo it with the plucking and thinning eyebrows because these will give your face look too serious. To avoid this mistake a pencil, draw the desired shape. : Be careful when tops eyebrows because this is where most make mistakes.

Do not pluck

To the top of the nose determine where the eyebrow should begin. Frequently, the beginning of the eyebrow in the plane nose tip. However, if your eyes are quite apart, less space between the eyebrows will create the illusion of less distance between the eyes', advises expert Anastasia Soare. For those with elongated face is better not to overdo with the roots plucking nose. If you are close to you, you should do the opposite of the advice set eyes. Therefore, it is recommended that the root of the nose by another crash down the hair.

Find your perfect shade

Eyebrows can refresh your overall appearance. Try eyebrow color matched to the color of hair, whether natural or dyed. Too light brows can make your eyes look lifeless and dull, while too dark eyebrows can distract from the look of your eyes. If you have dark hair, some eyebrows are a shade or two lighter. Do you have a light hair eyebrows are a shade or two darker.

Straighter eyebrows for round face

'Eyebrows can be shaped face and reduce the visibility of what are considered less attractive, "says Soare.Oni with a round face should stay away from oversized curved eyebrows. To achieve a better effect try a flatter style with slightly raised bow.

Look younger

Finally, once you've come to perfect eyebrows, they should be cared for. Začešljavajte brush them upwards and outwards. Will emphasize your eyes and you act younger. 

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