Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tips for the perfect look

If you want your body, skin, hair and nails look flawless, you need to make every day at least 10-15 minutes in the face and body, as well as adjust lifestyle. 

We suggest several steps that will lead you to the beauty.

First Do not forget to get some exercise every day

No matter whether you prefer running, long walks, aerobics, Pilates or some other form of exercise - be persistent and daily spend at least 15 minutes of intense stretching, or at least half an hour to walk. Physical activity helps maintain muscle strength, improves circulation, and relieves stress - constant companion busy lifestyle.

Second Sleep at least seven hours every night

Studies have shown that sleep is the best one from 23h to 06h. Everyone knows about the concept of "beauty sleep" However, renewing sleep not only the beauty but also the brain cells. So, in order to shine physically and intellectually, it is necessary to get enough sleep.

3rd A balanced diet and plenty of fluids nourish from the inside

At least two liters of fluid a day, ample servings of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, foods rich in unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants ....

4th Clothe in colors

Chromotherapy (color treatment) is performed through clothing. For example, if you have an important exam - it is recommended that you select a yellow color is considered to mind. Do you want to relax a little - blue and green are real treat for relaxation. If you're a little depressed - lilac will show you the way to optimism. Red will give you energy for the day to day efforts, and purple will make you more creative. Of course, it is very important to match the color of your skin tone and hair color and eye color. For example, with black hair and a tan suit bright colors, and white (non) color, while the blonde hair better pasture pastel tones.

5th Nourish your hair

Shampoo that suits your hair type (oily, normal, dry) Shampoo Rinse or spray after each wash, apply nourishing mask once a week, shearing the tops cracked as soon as you notice them - the hair will thank you.

6th Hydration, hydration, hydration

Every day refresh skin moisturizer, apply regardless of the make-up or not. Cream will give your skin the necessary moisture and will be an excellent foundation and powder. Do not stop the party - the body and hand skin moisture is also needed. The recipe for the skin supplied with all the necessary ingredients is - hydration during the day, nourishing cream at night.

7th Be sure to use sunscreen

Exposure to the sun (in summer, but in winter) makes an attractive tan, but painful burns to skin a memorable and unpleasant allergies. The SPF adjust your natural skin and apply it half an hour before sun exposure.

8th Neat eyebrows frame the quality of each person.

9th Waxing

10th Healthy, white teeth are crowns of beauty.

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