Monday, March 11, 2013

Tips for beautiful feet

Summer foot care is extremely important. Any woman who really wants to be pampered should not allow itself to ignore foot care. If your skin is dry and cracked feet, it will cast a negative light on your appearance no matter how much you may be arranged. Therefore, do not assume that no one will look at your feet, for the summer and wear open footwear attracts curious glances. 

It's not hard to have nice feet, because they can cultivate at home. It is important to set yourself care routine that will be followed. Basic care includes bath, exfoliating and moisturizing. A bath to which you add drops of essential oil of lavender, tea tree or eukalliptusa with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal weapon effect.Feet plunge into the bath and leave for 15-20 minutes. When the skin softening foot enough, it's time to peel. Rough skin, especially on your heels, you can remove scattered for feet that has a rough and softer side. Besides the gap, dead skin cells can be removed with the help of lemon. It is necessary that the lemons in half slit and sprinkle with a handful of salt and lemon Scrub your feet. If the skin is very dry feet, mix the salt and olive oil and use this mixture as a scrub. When you've finished peeling, feet Rinse well with warm water and pat dry. Pay special attention to the area between the toes where moisture and warmth of the growth of fungus. Before pedicure is preferable to apply an antiseptic foot spray that will remove any remaining bacteria and prevent the consequences if you accidentally cut with a knife.

To keep your feet were really nice, you should not forget the nails. Isurpijajte nails paying particular attention to the edges, which should be slightly rounded at the corners. If excess skin is transferred to the nails, use a wooden stick to push the cuticles. Cuticles cut only when it is really necessary. How to nails were ready for painting, polishing emery surface polish.

Finish with nutritional care moisturizing cream, lotion or oil. Avoid cream applied to the nails because it will make it difficult to paint nails greasy. If nails uma┼żete cream, you can degrease with alcohol. When the skin absorbs the cream, you can begin to paint.

For better hydration, foot massage nourishing cream every night before bed. Bath and piling work once or twice a week if you have extremely dry skin. Everyday hiratacija is required. 

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